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SP12a Soundgarden
Hunted Down

SP13 Blood Circus
Two Way Street

SP14 Swallow

SP18 Mudhoney
Touch Me I'm Sick
SP19 Tad
SP23 Nirvana
Love Buzz
SP26 Sonic Youth / Mudhoney Split 7"
SP28 Flaming Lips
Drug Machine
SP29 Les Thugs
Chess & Crimes
SP30 Helios Creed
Nothing Wrong
SP32 The Afghan Whigs
I Am the Sticks
SP33 Mudhoney
You Got It
SP35 Mad Daddys
Take Me Back to Woodstock
SP37 Tad /
Pussy Galore Split 7"
SP39 Das Damen
Sad Mile
SP40 Rapeman
Inki's Butt Crack
SP43 Lazy Cowgirls
SP44a Mudhoney
This Gift
SP45 Love Battery
Between the Eyes
SP46 Lonely Moans
Shoot the Cool
SP47 Skin Yard
Start at the Top
SP48 Screaming Trees
Change Has Come
SP50 Dwarves
She's Dead

SP51 Honeymoon Killers
Get It Hot

SP52 Fugazi
Song # 1

SP53 Big Chief
Chrome Helmet

SP55 Tad
SP57 The Fluid
Tin Top Toy
SP58 L7
SP59 Dickless
I'm a Man
SP63 Mudhoney
You're Gone
SP65 Lubricated Goat
Meating My Head
SP66 Babes in Toyland
SP68 Dinosaur Jr
The Wagon
SP70 Derelicts
Misery Maker
SP71 Thee Headcoats
Time Will Tell
SP72 Rollins Band
I Know You
SP73 Nirvana
SP74 Beat Happening
Red Head Walking
SP75 Sister Ray
The King
SP76 Unsane
SP77 Sister Double Happiness
Don't Worry
SP80 Tad
SP81 Dwarves
Drug Store
SP83 Soundgarden
Room a Thousand Years Wide
SP84 The Afghan Whigs
Sister Brother
SP85 Coffin Break
SP86 Poison Idea
Taken By Surprise
SP87 Mark Arm
Masters of War
SP88 Poster Children
Thinner, Stronger
SP90 Smashing Pumpkins
SP91 Rein Sanction
SP93 Hole
SP94 Thin White Rope
Ants Are Cavemen
SP95 Mudhoney
Let It Slide
SP96 The Reverend Horton Heat
Psychobilly Freakout
SP97 The Fluid / Nirvana Split 7"

SP102 Velvet Monkeys
Rock the Nation

SP103 Unrest
A Factory Record

SP104 Fastbacks
The Answer Is You

SP108 Shonen Knife
Neon Zebra
SP109 Urge Overkill
Now That's the Barclords
SP113 Dwarves
Lucky Tonight
SP114 Godflesh
SP115 Come
SP119 Gorilla
Detox Man
SP121 V/A
Tribute to Alice Cooper
SP125 Supersuckers
Like a Big Fuckin' Train
SP127 Night Kings
Night Kings Theme
SP128 Derelicts
Don't Wanna Live
SP134 Gories
Give Me Some Money
SP135 Love Battery
SP136 Green Magnet School
SP137 Tsunami / Velocity Girl Split 7"
SP139 The Monkeywrench
Bottle Up and Go
SP140 V/A
Smells Like Smoked Sausages
SP141 Seaweed
SP142 The Afghan Whigs
Conjure Me
SP148 Pain Teens
Death Row Eyes
SP149 Mecca Normal / Kreviss Split 7"

SP151 Billy Childish
The Ballad of Hollis Brown

SP152 The Fuckers
Block Party

SP154 Rocket from the Crypt
Normal Carpet Ride

SP155 Codeine
SP156 Sick & Wrong
Wesson Oil
SP157 The Muffs
I Need You
SP158 Crackerbash
Nov. 1
SP159 Mono Men
Skin and Bones
SP160 Rein Sanction
Deeper Road
SP163 Gas Huffer
Hot Cakes
SP168 Seaweed
SP169 Creep
No Pain
SP170 Supersuckers
Hell City, Hell
SP171 V/A Sassy
SP172 Green Magnet School / Six Finger Satellite Split
SP173 Big Damn Crazyweight
Might as Well
SP174 Antiseen
We Got This Far (Without You)
SP178 Pond
SP179 Velocity Girl
Crazy Town
SP180 Jon Spencer
Big Yule Log Boogie
SP181 Wolverton Bros.
My Assassin
SP182 Tad
SP183 Dwarves
SP187 The Legend
Do Nuts
SP188 House of Pain
Shamrocks and Shenanigans
SP191 Hazel
SP193 Lubricated Goat
Play Dead
SP194 Nick Cave & Shane MacGowan
What a Wonderful World
SP195 Dwarves
Anybody Out There
SP198 V/A Nevermind the Molluscs
SP199 Bewitched
Hey White Homey
SP200 Dead Moon
Dirty Noise

SP201 Truly
Leslie's Coughing Up Blood

SP203 Royal Trux
Steal Yr Face

SP204 The SF Seals

SP205 Eric's Trip
Songs About Chris
SP210 The Spinanes
SP211 Sebadoh
Soul and Fire
SP212 Sprinkler
SP213 Severin
Beagles! Beagles!
SP214 Ween
SP216 '68 Comeback
You Could Call Me Job
SP219 Snow Bud and the Flower People
Killer Bud
SP225 Supersuckers
She's My Bitch
SP226 Stereolab
Lo Boob Oscillator
SP229 Big Chief
One Born Every Minute
SP231 Sandy Duncan's Eye
Long Flat Pussy
SP232 Red Red Mea
SP233 Hater
SP235 Jale
SP236 Combustible Edison
Cry Me a River
SP237 Les Thugs
As Happy as Possible
SP239 Thee Headcoats
When You Stop Lovin' Me
SP240 Pigface
SP241 Didjits
Dear Junkie
SP242 Codeine
SP248 Mudhoney / Jimmie Dale Gilmore Split
SP249 Supersuckers / The Reverend Horton Heat Split

SP251 Lou Barlow
I Am Not Mocking You

SP253 Monopoly Queen
Let's Keep It Friendly

SP255 Ripe
Something Fierce

SP257 Velocity Girl
Sorry Again
SP258 Von Ryan's Express
Ghetto Pose
SP262 The Hardship Post
Slick Talkin' Jack
SP263 Pond
SP264 Swell
Summer Songs
SP266 Eric's Trip
The Gordon Street Haunting
SP267 Sebadoh
SP271 5ive Style
Waiting on the Eclipse
SP272 Red Red Meat
Idiot Son
SP274 Poison 13
Love Me
SP275 Elastica
SP276 S*M*A*S*H
SP278 The Grifters
Queen of the Table Waters
SP279 Jessamine
Your Head Is So Small It's Like a Little Light
SP280 Supersuckers
On the Couch
SP281 Supergrass
Lose It
SP282 5ive Style
Kiki's Cookout
SP283 Shudder To Think
X-French Tee Shirt
SP286 Zumpano
Wraparound Shades
SP287 The American Psycho Band
Falls Church
SP290 The Denison/Kimball Trio
SP291 Friends of Dean Martin
SP293 Sportsguitar
Gong Gong
SP294 Gene
Be My Light, Be My Guide
SP295 The Hardship Post
Watchin' You
SP296 Supersuckers
Born With a Tail
SP297 Tindersticks
SP298 Moonsocket
Accept Fear

SP1000 Tad
Jack Pepsi

SP2000 Beat Happening
Nancy Sin

SP3000 Eric's Trip
Notes from Stereo Mountain

SP4000 Sunny Day Real Estate / Shudder To Think Split
SP5000 Red Red Meat
SP1776 V/A
Helter Shelter Box Set
SUBPRO#77 Sebadoh
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