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Rocket from the Crypt

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Paint as a Fragrance

Circa: Now!

All Systems Go

The State of Art Is on Fire
Hot Charity
Scream, Dracula, Scream
All Systems Go II
Cut Carefully and Play Loud
Group Sounds
Live From Camp X-ray
The Name of the Band Is Rocket from the Crypt
All Systems Go III

Rocket Pack

Yum Kippered


Normal Carpet Ride
Split 2x7" with Septic Death
Smells Like Grease for Peace
Both Good Songs
Pure Genius
Split 7" w/ Radio Wendy
Ghetto Box Rock
Burn Mouth Off Liar With Punk Heat Blast
Split 2x7" w/ Bloodthirsty Butchers
RFTC Plays the Music Machine
I Flame You
Born in '69
Young Livers
On a Rope
When in Rome
Split 7" w/ Julian Briano y Sus Hermanos
Break It Up
Split 7" with the Hellacopters
Dancing Birds
Split 7" w/ The Get Up Kids
On the Prowl
Love Is Lies
In League With Satan
Baker Street
Spinning Round
Shy Fly
My Blues Away
Don't Drop the Baby
Return to Monkey Island

Headstart to Purgatory

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus

Compulsiv for Two

Ether Hogg - Snivelization
Dope, Guns, 'N Fucking in the Streets Volume 11
Halloween Hootenanny
Squeal of Blurr
Oh, Merge
Before You Were Punk 2
Free the West Memphis 3
Another Year on the Streets
Another Year on the Streets Volume 2
Hangin' from the Devil's Tree
Swami Sound System Volume 1
Dipstick - Don't Rewind
I Can't Believe It's Really Happening

Super Ride 45

Rocket Queen

In the White Room

Star Search
Radio and TV Broadcasts from the UK 1995
Split Bootleg w/ the Misfits
Apeshit at the BBC

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