A Record Collector's Guide

Sub Pop (and Related) LPs

Dwarves - Horror Stories (black, Coxx)
Love Battery - Far Gone LP (SP208 black)
Love Battery - Far Gone LP (SP208 black, sealed)
Mudhoney - Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (SP105 grey)
Nirvana - Bleach Deluxe Edition (SP834 2xLP white, sealed)
Soundgarden - Screaming Life (SP12 sealed later press w/ bar code)
Walkabouts - Cataract (SP31 sealed)
Walkabouts - Rag & Bone (SP56 sealed)

Sub Pop (and Related) 7"s

The Afghan Whigs - Conjure Me (SP142 lavender marble, more blue and pink mixed in than some other copies)
The Afghan Whigs - Turn on the Water (32,5/187)
The Anniversary - What's My Name? My Name is…What!? What!? (SP538 purple marble, no sleeve)
Antiseen - We Got this Far (Without You) (SP174 red)
64 Spiders - Potty (Regal Select, black)
Big Chief - Strange Notes (blue marble, SFTRI)
Big Damn Crazyweight (SP173 black TEST PRESSING)
Big Tube Squeezer - Moodpiece (black, Candy from a Stranger)
The Chemistry Set - Fabulous Stinking (black, Fatbald)
Coffin Break/Victim's Family Split 7" (black, Rave)
Coffin Break - Pop Fanatic (black, C/Z)
Crypt Kicker Five - 4th Hole (clear, C/Z)
Daddy Hate Box - You Tell Me Nothing (black, C/Z)
Didjits - Dear Junkie (SP241 orange)
Engine Kid - Astronaut (blue, C/Z)
Flight of the Conchords - Pencils in the Wind (SP817, black)
The Fluid - Tin Top Toy (SP57 orange w/ black spots)
Gas Huffer - Mole (white, SFTRI)
Girl Trouble Plays... 2x7" (Elvis movie song covers, black, SFTRI)
Godflesh - Slateman (SP114 red)
Godflesh - Slateman (SP114 black)
Gories - Here Be the Gories (black, In the Red)
Gorilla - Stuck on You
Grifters - Last Man Alive (black, SP339 TEST PRESSING)
Hardship Post - Watching You (black, SP295 TEST PRESSING)
Hazel - Jilted (SP191 BLACK)
Helios Creed - Nothing Wrong (SP30 black)
Hole - Retard Girl (white, 1st press, SFTRI)
Honeymoon Killers - Vanna White Goddess of Love (green marble, SFTRI)
Jale - Sort of Gray (black)
Love as Laughter - Nude Hos (SP447 TEST PRESSING)
Love Battery - Between the Eyes (SP45 red - 500)
Lubricated Goat - Shut Your Mind (orange, SFTRI)
Mecca Normal/Kreviss Split 7" (green marble, SP149 TEST PRESSING)
My Eye - Empty Box (black, C/Z)
Nirvana - Love Buzz (SP23 black reproduction)
Nirvana - Sliver (SP73 black 3rd press, black labels)
Nirvana - Sliver (SP73 black 4th press - Golden)
Nirvana - Come As You Are (black, DGC, "David Geffen Company" on labels)
Nirvana & V/A - Eight Songs for Greg Sage and the Wipers box set - black
Obits - I Can't Lose (SP814 red, Record Store Day)
Pond - Glass Sparkles in Her Hair (SP146/366 black TEST PRESSING)
Sebadoh - Not Too Amused (black, Domino)
Sebadoh - Flame (Remix) (SUB PRO 77 black)
Sister Ray - Psycho Sis (red)
Skin Yard - Gelatin Babies (black, C/Z)
Skin Yard/Loveslug - Split 7" (black, Glitterhouse)
S*M*A*S*H - Barrabas (SP276 olive green)
Snow Bud and the Flower People - Killer Bud (SP219 green marble)
The Statics - Hey Hey (Super Electro, black)
Treehouse - Wild Medication (green, Leopard Gecko, #367/500)
Treehouse - Strawberry Pie (pink marble, Meat, #158/1000)
Truman's Water - Miss Spaceship (SP519 yellow, Singles Club V2)
Vetiver - Wishing Well (SP816 powder blue, Record Store Day)
Ween - Skycruiser (pink, SP214)
Wellwater Conspiracy - Sleeveless (Super Electro, black)
V/A - Helter Shelter Box Set (SP1776 4x7" - Elastica, Supergrass, S*M*A*S*H, Gene, sealed)
V/A - Smells Like Smoked Sausages 2x7" (SP140 pink/pink marble)

Non-Sub Pop LPs

Gastunk - Under the Sun (black)
Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction (Geffen XXXG 24148, original banned sleeve, SEALED)
MC5 - Back in the USA (Atlantic, stereo SD 8247, black)
Minor Threat - Out of Step (black, Dischord 10)
Rocket from the Crypt - Paint as a Fragrance (black, Headhunter, 1st press, matte sleeve, old Headhunter logo, writing on labels)
Screaming Trees - Uncle Anesthesia (black, Epic - beaten up copy)
Suicide Machines - Battle Hymns (black, Hollywood)
That Dog - S/T (black, Guernica w/ bonus 7")

Non-Sub Pop 7"s

The Anal Babes - Fear and Loathing with... (black, SFTRI)
Archers of Loaf - Harnessed in Slums (white, Alias)
The Automatics - Makin' Out (black, Mutant Pop)
Be Your Own Pet - Adventure (XLS225A)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Whatever Happened to My Rock 'N' Roll (Punk Song) 2x7" (black, Virgin)
Peter Blegvad - Alcohol (black)
The Cardigans/Matt Pond and Beth Wawerna (black, DIW 74, w/ DIW zine)
Chavez - Repeat the Ending (black, City Slang)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - In this Home on Ice (black, Wichita)
Eric Clapton - Cocaine (black, RSO, Guatemalan pressing)
Claw Hammer - Double Pac Whack Attack 2x7" (lavender marble, SFTRI)
Alice Cooper - You and Me (black, Warner Bros, El Salvador pressing)
Crowbar Salvation - Sack Lunch (red, SFTRI)
Dash Rip Rock - Dosed (clear, Feralette)
The Day - Another Country (black, Detour)
The Decemberists - The Rake's Song (Record Store Day, sealed)
Demons - Electrocute (black)
Drag Pack - Johnny's Last Race (green)
Drip Tank - Motherlode (test pressing, black, Standard Recordings)
Eggs/Jonny Cohen and the Shoe Trees Split 7" (black, Simple Machines Working Holiday April)
The Electric Ferrets - Into My Brain (clear, Dinoysus)
Emmapeel - Avenging Punk Rock Godfathers (black)
Face To Face - No Authority (Dr. Strange DSR-12 black, red sleeve)
Face To Face/Horace Pinker Split 7" (black, Rhetoric Rh0084)
Free Kitten - Oh Bondage Up Yours! (pic disc, SFTRI)
Fudge - Bomb Pop EP (red)
Gargoyles - Michigan (green)
The Get Up Kids/Volcano, I'm Still Excited Split 7" (black, DIW 69, w/ DIW zine)
The God Bullies - How Low Can You Go? (black)
Hard Ons - Where Did She Come From? (black)
The Jet Boys - I'm Alone (orange/red, Get Hip)
The Jet Boys - I Wanna Die (black, Dionysus)
The Jet Boys - Wild Party (black, Demolition Derby)
Jonestown - Twenty Five Years (black, SFTRI)
Johnny Legend - House of Frankenstein (green, SFTRI)
Juned - Possum (black, Up)
Less than Jake - Smoke Spot (black, white sleeve, No Idea)
The Lookouts - The Emerald Triangle EP (blue marble, Lookout, Laytonville address)
Loudspeaker - Knockout! (red, SFTRI)
Lunachicks - Sh*t-Finger-Dick (SFTRI)
Masters of the Obvious (MOTO) - She's Not Ready (black)
The Meices - Alex Put Something in His Pocket (black)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Where'd You Go? (black, Taang!)
Motorolla - Congratulations (yellow)
The Muffs - Big Mouth (black)
The Mystery Band - Chow n' Plow (white, SFTRI)
The Neptunas - The Persistence of Surf (black)
The New Bomb Turks - I Wanna Sleep (black)
New Mind - The Chris Wilson Song (test pressing, black, Headhunter)
Nobodys - V.M.Live (black)
Nunchaku/Yellow Machine Gun Split (black, Rotten Orange)
Plaid Retina - What I Can't Have (black)
Potatomen - On the Avenue (black, Lookout)
Radio Wendy - One for the Road (red)
Rainer Maria - Hell and High Water (black, Polyvinyl PRC-038)
Rancid - S/T 1st 7" (black, Lookout 59, glossy full sleeve)
Rollins - Beefcake (purple marble boot)
Sarge/Supporting Actress Split 7" (black)
Satan's Cheerleaders - Roller Coaster (red)
Screaming Bloody Marys - There Ain't No Monkeys in Tobango (clear)
Seething Grey - Rearrange (red)
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - Jehrney (blue, Derivative)
Sissy Bar - Sad to Say (maroon, Moo-Tron)
Sleepasaurus - Master of Muppits (green marble, Motherbox)
Sleepasaurus - Stood Down (black, Motherbox)
Sleeper - Splinter (black)
Slug - Hambone City (black)
The Sonics - Here are the Sonics (black, Mousehole)
Sophia - Are You Happy Now (brown marble, Flower Shop)
Sophia/Swervedriver Split 2x7" (black, Echostatic)
Surrogate Brains - Surrogate Serenades (Lookout #13 w/ Laytonville address)
Tattle Tale - Early Daze 7" (black, Pillarbox Red)
Team Dresch/Bikini Kill Split Tour 7" (black, Banda Bonnot)
Teen Idols - V.M.Live (black)
Terminal Cheesecake - Oily Hot Knife (black)
Thee Heacoatees - Ca Plane Pour Moi (black)
Throneberry - Touched (black)
Throneberry - Green Godde$$ (black)
Thrush Hermit - Marya (orange)
Toast - Henry Little (black)
Too Much Joy - The Kids Don't Understand (pink)
Tranzmitors - Some Girls (black)
Truman's Water - Skyjacker (black)
Uncle Wiggly - Make You Crawl (black, DBC)
Urusei Yatsura - Strategic Hamlets (black, Che)
Vague - Always (black)
West Side Heat - Crazy Mixed up World (black, Modern Shaman WSH 23)
Yard Trauma - Pressure (red)
V/A - New York's Hardest - Fahrenheit 451/25 Ta Life/VOD/Bulldoze (clear, IJT)
V/A - Submerge SUBS 5 (The Slingbacks, Nuthins, Cat's Paw, Moon Faced Man - comes w/ zine)
V/A - Wheel (The Juliana Experience/Holy Rollers, black, Simple Machines SMR 002)

Ska 7"s - I would prefer to trade these for want list ska items

The Bodysnatchers - Let's Do Rock Steady (2-Tone TT 9 black, plastic labels)
Ken Boothe - Everything I Own (black, Philips, Guatemalan pressing)
The Checkered Cabs - Something About the Weekend (Reptilian CC4501 yellow, no. 0416)
The Checkered Cabs - You Told Me that You Loved Me (Reptilian CC4502 black, no. 0414)
Hepcat - Nigel (Laughing Pussy 102 black, signed by Greg Lee)
Inspecter 7 - Agent 86 (Moon MR089 clear, no. 810/1000)
Legal Gender/The Scene Split 7" (black, Moon - Toast 15/16, Early NY Citizens)
Let's Go Bowling - Uncomfortable Sidekick (Moon MR074 clear, no. 072/1000)
Radiation, Roddy/Neville Staples Split (2-Tone TT 999 black, paper label promo)
Rude Bones - Hey! What's This Noise! (Phalanx PX-001 black, first Rude Bones single from Japan)
Skinnerbox - Does He Love You (black, Stubborn, no sleeve)
The Slackers - You Must Be Good (black, Ska in the World SIWI 046)
The Slackers - Lil' Joe (black, Ska in the World SIWI 060)
The Special A.K.A./The Selecter Split (2-Tone TT 1 black, paper labels)
The Special A.K.A. - Too Much Too Young (2-Tone TT 7 black, paper labels, P/S)
The Special A.K.A. - What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend (2-Tone TT 27 black, gatefold P/S w/ bonus single - War Crimes TT 23)
The Specials - A Message To You Rudy (2-Tone TT 5 black, paper labels)
The Specials - Rat Race (2-Tone TT 11 black, plastic labels)
The Specials - Do Nothing (2-Tone TT 16 black, paper labels, P/S)
Stubborn All-Stars - Old's Cool (black, Stubborn SKA-7001)
The Toasters - Dub 56 (black, Stubborn SKA-7002)
Unsteady/Monkey Split 7" (black, Asian Man, no. 669/900)

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