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Bad Ninja/Goodbye b/w Kill the Funk (There Will Be No Funk in Outer Space)

Helter Skelter HS92712 7", released June 1992 (U.S.)

Single #2. This one came out on everybody's favorite Italian label, Helter Skelter. It exists on both yellow and black vinyl.

This one has caused some confusion, but I think we have it figured out now...there were three different black vinyl versions, each with different labels. All of the black ones had Italian government stamps on them. I did some work to determine which came first. There were different versions of the stamps. They were almost identical, except that one had a "1" in the middle and the other had a "2". I once thought that these referred to first and second pressings or approved batches or whatever, but I no longer believe that to be the case. The copies with the "2" stamps had the same matrix codes as the copies with "1" stamps, but the 2's had an extra code etched in...which would indicate that the extra code was added when later stampers were made from the original masters. The different copies broke down like this:

  • One of the two original black pressings had text printed in a spiral around the center of the disc, designed for large-cut holes...but used with small holes. These were the labels that were eventually used for the yellow vinyl pressing. Matrix codes: SPIRI LATO A ROCKET / SPIRI LATO B ROC.
  • The other early black copies had Helter Skelter labels on the A-sides and Yum Kippered labels with Italian stamps on them on the B-sides. The Italian stamp had a "2" in the middle. Matrix codes: SPIRI LATO A ROCKET / SPIRI LATO B ROC.
  • Then, we have black copies with small center holes, Yum Kippered labels on the A sides, and spiral text labels on the B sides. This one also had an Italian stamp on the A side label with a "1" in the middle. There's a picture below, but it is really hard to see the "1" in's there, though. The matrix codes read: SPIRI LATO A ROCKET HS 92712 A / SPIRI LATO B ROC HS92712 B. They were the exact same matrix codes as on the other pressings, but with the added HS92712 parts.
  • The yellow copies were a bit weird, as they did not appear until much later, indicating a tird or later pressing, but the trail-off wax matrix codes were the same as the earliest pressing. My best guess was that these were a third pressing, but they made new stampers from the original masters, minus the extra HS code that was added to the previous stampers. The yellow copies had large-cut center holes, Yum Kippered labels minus the Italian stamps on the A sides, and squeezed spiral text labels on the B sides. The yellow one also came with an unused 7" label, containing a picture of Speedo with GG Allin. My guess as to what happened here is: when Helter Skelter went to press the yellow copies, the label received the Speedo/GG label to use on one side of the record. However, the re-press had a large-cut hole, which would have entirely cut out the faces on the Speedo/GG labels, so they had to go another route...and that route ended up being using modified labels from the original pressing. Matrix codes: SPIRI LATO A ROCKET / SPIRI LATO B ROC. Of course, the yellow ones still sell for more than any of the black ones because people like color vinyl. They do look like the later pressing, though.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Black (Squeezed Spiral Label) 5-8 2 Stable
Black (Helter Skelter Label) 8-12 2 Stable
Black (Full Spiral Label) 5-8 3 Stable
Yellow 12-15 5 Stable
"2" Stamp
"1" Stamp
Unused GG Allin Label
Black Vinyl Version 1 Side A
Black Vinyl Version 1 Side B
Black Vinyl Version 2 Side A
Black Vinyl Version 2 Side B
Black Vinyl Version 3 Side A
Black Vinyl Version 3 Side B
Yellow Vinyl Side A
Yellow Vinyl Side B
Sleeve Paper foldover
Credits Toby, Wegi, Enrico: Assistance in figuring out the different labels

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4-5 Medium: 500-999 copies or publicly sold ~10 times a year
1-3 Common: 1000+ copies, readily available, or publicly sold 20+ times a year

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