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Perfect Sound, released 1995

Here we go.  The Tattoo record.  One of the more legendary moments in the Rocket from the Crypt story.  Pressed as one of the rewards for fans who got RFTC tattoos (along with, theoretically, getting into all of the band's shows for free).  I don't know exactly how many of these were pressed, but it could not have been many.  I would say a couple hundred tops.  They ran out pretty quickly...I am guessing that the band did not anticipate that as many people would get inked as eventually happened.  Anyway, it is a one-sided record - clear vinyl with print on one side showing through the vinyl, so it appears as a picture disc, but isn't.  Personalized by the band for each member of the army.  Highly sought...which, of course, annoys some people.  There are some who get pissed off about copies of this record being sold.  I am of the opinion that if the owner wants to unload it, it is entirely up to them.  Of course, I think it is asinine to want to sell it, but not everyone is all that into vinyl.  A strange idea, I know.  As it is, the only people who received these records modified their bodies before doing so, and so, as you can imagine, they are not sold very often.  It does happen on occasion, though.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Clear 350-500 Stable
Sleeve Clear PVC

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