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In Utero

DGC-24607 LP / DGCD-24607 CD / DGCC-24607 Cassette / 5612 Cassette / 5785 Cassette, released 1993 (U.S.)

Geffen GEF 24536 LP, released 1993 (Europe/France/Spain)

Geffen GED 24536 CD, released 1993 (Europe/France/Spain/UK/Brazil/Israel/Taiwan/Malaysia)

Geffen GEC 24536 Cassette, released 1993 (UK/France/Spain/Italy/Portugal/Poland/Turkey/Bulgaria/Malaysia)

Geffen GEFD-24536 CD, released 1993 (Australia)

Geffen GEFC-24536 Cassette, released 1993 (Australia/Thailand)

DGC DGCD-24607 CD / DGCSD 24607 CD / CDGCD 24607 CD / DGCC-24607 Cassette / CDGCC 24607 Cassette, released 1993 (Canada)

Geffen 35106 4 CD / 4245634 Cassette, released 1993 (Europe)

Geffen GEF/C-24607 Cassette, released 1993 (Canada/Australia)

Geffen GEF-24536/170.8086 LP / M 30.070/GEFD 24536 CD / BMG/Geffen 717.8086/GEFC-24536 Cassette, released 1993 (Brazil)

Geffen BMGFL 5035 LP / BMGFD 5035 CD / FM 5035 Cassette, released 1993 (South Korea)

Geffen 2116107027 LP/Cassette / 2118107027 CD, released 1993 (Colombia)

Geffen 929-1150 LP / 529-1150 Cassette, released 1993 (Ecuador)

Geffen 70304 LP / DGC 70304 Cassette, released 1993 (Venezuela)

Geffen MVCG-126 CD/Cassette, released 1993 (Japan)

Geffen CDGEFL20034 CD / L4GEF(N) 20034 Cassette, released 1993 (South Africa)

V12 CD / C190124 Cassette, released 1993 (China)

Geffen GEFC2-4536 Cassette, released 1993 (Mexico)

Geffen 4002508 Cassette, released 1993 (Costa Rica)

Geffen TMS 24607-4 Cassette, released 1993 (Argentina)

Geffen GEF-8008 Cassette, released 1993 (Bolivia)

Geffen MC GEF 00024607 Cassette, released 1993 (Peru)

Geffen 650022-4 Cassette, released 1993 (Uruguay)

ENSA B 24536-4 Cassette, released 1993 (Paraguay)

DGC Cassette, released 1993 (Chile)

DGC/Bremen DGCD-24607/C1RV0390 / Crescendo/BMG/Geffen Premium 50023/GED-24607 Cassette, released 1993 (India)

Geffen DGM 1301 Cassette, released 1993 (Indonesia)

Geffen GEF 24536 Cassette, released 1993 (Philippines)

DGC DGCD-24705 CD / DGCC-24705 Cassette, released 1994 (U.S.)

DGC 24607 CD, released 1994 (Argentina)

Quadrifoglio - Roma Cassette, released 1994 (Italy)

Ocean Music 16 94 Cassette, released 1994 (Egypt)

Stallions/Geffen DGCC 24607 Cassette, released 1994 (Saudi Arabia)

DGC DGCSD 24607 CD, released 1995 (Canada)

BMG Ariola De Colombia S.A. GEFD2-4536 CD / Geffen 2116107027 Cassette, released 1995 (Colombia)

Geffen MVJG-25004 LP, released 1996 (Japan)

Geffen M 30.070/GEFD 24536 Cassette, released 1996 (Brazil)

Geffen GEC24536 Cassette, released 1996/99 (Poland)

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UDCD 690 CD, released 1997 (U.S.)

Simply Vinyl SVLP 0048 LP, released 1998 (UK)

DGC DGCD-24607 CD, released 1999 (Venezuela)

Universal Music/3АО 424536-4 Cassette, released 2000 (Russia)

Geffen 424 563-9 CD, released 2001 (Russia/Belarus)

Geffen MMTCD 2186 CD, released 2001 (South Africa)

Ukrainian Records Cassette, released 2001 (Ukraine)

Geffen UICY-2003 CD / DGC UICY-9720 CD / UICY-6135 CD / UICY-93360 CD / Universal UICY-91225 CD / DGC UICY-91434 CD / UICY-91639 CD / UICY-75127 CD / Geffen UICY-25069 CD / DGC UICY-15253/4 2xCD / Universal UICY-75875 3xCD Box, released 2002/04/06/07/08/10/11/13 (Japan)

Geffen Records/3АО GED24504/424 504-9 CD, released 2001 (Russia/Belarus)

Geffen 4245361 LP, released 2003 (Canada)

Geffen 424 536-1 LP, released 2003 (UK)

Geffen GEFD 24536/424 536-9, released 2004 (Ukraine)

Geffen GED24536/GEFD-24536, released 2004 (Brazil)

Polydor E4245361 LP, released 2007 (UK)

DGC/MCA DGCD-24607 CD, released 2007 (Argentina)

Geffen 424 563-9 CD, released 2007 (Russia)

Geffen 0720642453612 LP, released 2008 (Europe)

Original Recordings Group ORG 033/B0012765-01 LP, released 2009/10 (U.S.)

DGC/UMe B0018958-01 3xLP / B0018959-01 2xLP / B0018824-00 3xCD + DVD / B0019038-02 CD / B0019039-02 2xCD / B0019191-02 CD, released 2013 (U.S.)

DGC/Universal 0602537483464 3xLP / 0602537483471 2xLP / 00602537462445 3xCD + DVD Box / 0602537502950 CD, released 2013 (Europe)

DGC 0600753453049 Blu-ray, released 2013 (U.S./Europe)

DGC/Universal 0602537539222 2xCD, released 2013 (Europe/Brazil/Thailand)

DGC/UMe B001903802 CD / B001903902 2xCD, released 2013 (Canada)

DGC/Universal 3753922 2xCD, released 2013 (Mexico/Argentina/Australia)

DGC/Universal 3750295 CD, released 2013 (Indonesia/Australasia/Taiwan)

DGC/Universal 375 392-2 CD, released 2013 (Indonesia)

DGC/Universal 4605026714168 CD / Geffen/Universal 424 563-9 CD, released 2013/16 (Russia)

Universal Music Korea DC30696 2xCD, released 2013 (South Korea)

Geffen 0720642453612 LP, released 2015 (Europe)

Geffen 0602537502950 CD, released 2017 (Europe)

DGC DGCD-24607 CD (Taiwan/Malaysia)

DGC/MCA DGCD-24607 CD / DGC 4246072/24607 CD (Argentina)

Geffen 424 536-2 CD (Mexico/Indonesia)

This is a fabulous album. Part of me will always wonder what would have come next. The reality is, if Kurt had survived, my guess is his music would have mellowed quite a bit from this point. There were enough indicators. But's fun to imagine. There were a whole bunch of variants. Nowhere close to the quantity of Nevermind variants, but still a lot. We have 24 legitimate vinyl variants (so far). The original U.S. pressing was on clear vinyl. As with the original pressing of Incesticide, this one was limited to 15,000 copies. The price remained stable for a lot of years, but it's become expensive.

Also similar to Incesticide, there were two variants of the original European issue. It was a Dutch pressing, made for general European consumption. Both were on black vinyl. The first had labels with the Geffen logo on them, with "GEFFEN RECORDS" underneath. The second variant has the logo with no words. That one seems to be much less common. Both are a mid-range expensive.

Vinyl variants came out in six more countries in 1993. Most are in the same general price range, but there are a couple of outliers. As with the preceding albums, the France and Ecuador pressings are rare and pretty expensive. The Spain, Brazil, and Colombia pressings are all fairly easy to find and not too steep. The South Korea pressing is a little more expensive than those, but cheaper than the France and Ecuador ones. All of the above were on black vinyl.

A Japanese pressing came out in 1996. The sleeve had a purple obi strip. The value of this one remained stables for years, but has been headed upward in the past few years. It's not cheap now. In 1998, a Simply Vinyl pressing came out in the UK. This one is common and inexpensive.

2003 brought us a very interesting pressing. It was on black vinyl and came out in the UK. As the story goes, they unintentionally used the original Albini mix of the album, which had originally been rejected by the label. The legend of this one grew for a while, and the price grew with it. However, once the 2013 deluxe editions came out, which included the Albini mixes as bonus tracks, the allure of this pressing waned and the value went with it.

There was a black vinyl Canadian version that came out in 2003 as well - it is cheap and readily available. The 2007 one doesn't sit well with me. Everywhere I've read about it has treated it as an official pressing, but it just feels like a fake to me. It was a UK pressing on Polydor. Really? Polydor? Every pressing of every major label Nirvana album in Europe was on Geffen. And suddenly this random UK issue comes out on Polydor? I don't buy it, but I'm including it for now, until I have conclusive evidence to back my suspicion. Anyway, it's common and not costly.

The first Back to Black pressing came out in 2008 - it's easy to find and one of the least expensive of all variants. Then came the ORG pressings in 2009. There was a version of that one that was pressed at RTI and one pressed at Pallas, and there were color vinyl versions of both. The two color vinyl variants were different colors: the RTI one was on yellow cream marble vinyl and the Pallas one was on clear neon yellow. All of these have become expensive due to the reputations of the ORG pressings. The only one of the four that is cheaper is the black vinyl RTI pressing.

In 2013, we got the 20th anniversary deluxe (and super deluxe) versions. Lots of fun bonus tracks: new 2013 mixes, the original Albini mixes, the elusive Scott Litt mix of Pennyroyal Tea from that scarce single, and a couple of other unreleased tracks. This was released as a 45 RPM, 180g triple LP. Then, for Record Store Day Black Friday that year, a separate double LP version was released, again in the U.S. and Europe. This one was also a 45 RPM, 180g pressing, but it just contained the 2013 mixes of the album. It also had a cool take on the artwork (the one with the black background above). Both versions of that one are inexpensive and common.

Wrapping things up, we had another European Back to Black pressing in 2015. That one is super-cheap and very common, as all the Back to Black ones seem to be these days.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
DGC DGC-24607 LP Clear (U.S. - 1993) 130-150 3 Up/Volatile
Geffen GEF 24536 LP Black (Europe - 1993 - Geffen Records on Labels) 50-60 2 Stable
Geffen GEF 24536 LP Black (Europe - 1993 - No Geffen Records on Labels) 50-60 5 Stable
Geffen GEF 24536 LP Black (France - 1993) 90-110 5 Volatile
Geffen GEF 24536 LP Black (Spain - 1993) 40-50 4 Stable
Geffen GEF-24536/170.8086 LP Black (Brazil - 1993) 35-45 5 Stable
Geffen 02116107027 LP Black (Colombia - 1993) 30-40 4 Stable
Geffen 929-1150 LP Black (Ecuador - 1993) 60-80 8 Volatile
Geffen BMGFL 5035 Black (South Korea - 1993) 50-60 5 Stable
Geffen MVJG-25004 LP Black (Japan - 1996) 90-110 4 Up
Simply Vinyl SVLP 0048 LP Black (UK - 1998) 25-35 2 Stable
Geffen 424 536-1 LP Black (UK - 2003 - Albini Mix) 30-40 3 Down
Geffen 4245361 LP Black (Canada - 2003) 25-35 5 Stable
Polydor E4245361 LP Black (UK - 2007) 15-20 6 Stable
Geffen 0720642453612 LP Black (Europe - 2008 - Back to Black) 15-20 1 Stable
Original Recordings Group ORG 033 Yellow Cream (U.S. - RTI - 2009) 60-80 6 Stable
Original Recordings Group ORG 033 Black (U.S. - RTI - 2009) 30-40 6 Stable
Original Recordings Group ORG 033 Neon Yellow (U.S. - Pallas - 2009) 90-110 6 Up
Original Recordings Group ORG 033 Black (U.S. - Pallas - 2009) 55-75 5 Stable
DGC/UMe B0018958-01 3xLP Black (U.S. - 2013) 40-50 2 Stable
DGC/UMe B0018959-01 2xLP Black (U.S. - 2013) 20-30 1 Stable
DGC/Universal 0602537483464 3xLP Black (Europe - 2013) 45-55 1 Stable
DGC/Universal 0602537483471 2xLP Black (Europe - 2013) 25-35 1 Stable
Geffen 0720642453612 LP Black (Europe - 2015 - Back to Black) 12-15 1 Stable
U.S. Clear
2003 UK Albini Mix
ORG Yellow Cream Marble
ORG Neon Yellow
2013 U.S. 2xLP - Disc 1
Credits Discogs: Japanese sleeve, 3xLP sleeve

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10 Near impossible: Fewer than 50 copies or publicly sold every few years
8-9 Very rare: 50-199 copies or publicly sold 1-2 times per year
6-7 Rare: 200-499 copies or publicly sold a few times a year
4-5 Medium: 500-999 copies or publicly sold ~10 times a year
1-3 Common: 1000+ copies, readily available, or publicly sold 20+ times a year

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