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DGC-24504 LP / DGCD-24504 CD / DGCC-24504 Cassette / 5229 Cassette, released 1992 (U.S.)

Geffen GEF 24504 LP, released 1992 (Europe/France)

Geffen GED 24504 CD, released 1992 (Europe/UK)

Geffen GEC 24504 Cassette, released 1992/94 (Europe/Germany/Italy/Poland/Turkey/ Malaysia/Philippines/Saudi Arabia)

Geffen GEFD-24504 CD, released 1992/96 (Canada/Australia/Taiwan/Argentina)

Geffen GEFC-24504 Cassette, released 1992/96 (Canada/Indonesia/Taiwan/Thailand/Singapore/Argentina)

Geffen 929-1141 LP / 529-1141 Cassette, released 1992 (Ecuador)

Geffen 170.8075 LP / V 140038/GEFD-24504/DGCD-24504 CD / DGC 17.8075/DGCC-24504 Cassette, released 1992 (Brazil)

Geffen CGEFD-24504 / GEFMC-24504 Cassette / CGEFC 24504 Cassette, released 1992 (Canada)

Geffen MVCG-100 CD, released 1992 (Japan)

天津音楽出版社 ISRC CN-C09-2000-681-00/A.J6 YA.J6-0125 CD, released 1992 (China)

Geffen 424 504-2 CD / GEFC2-4504 Cassette, released 1992 (Mexico)

Geffen CDGEFL 20025 CD / CCGEF 20025 Cassette, released 1992 (South Korea)

Croatia MC-7-S 3042282 Cassette, released 1992 (Croatia)

Metal Mind ROCK 0002 Cassette, released 1992 (Poland)

Geffen TMS 24504 Cassette, released 1992 (Argentina)

Geffen 8006 Cassette, released 1992 (Bolivia)

Geffen MC-GEF 24504 Cassette, released 1992 (Peru)

The David Geffen Company 4002505 Cassette, released 1992 (Costa Rica)

Geffen BMGFL 5016 LP / BMGFM 5016 Cassette, released 1992/93 (South Korea)

Geffen GEFC2-4504 Cassette, released 1992 (Singapore)

DGC GEFCS-24504 Cassette, released 1992 (New Zealand)

Thames Original TE 2260 Cassette, released 1992 (United Arab Emirates)

Geffen 02116107023 LP/Cassette, released 1993 (Colombia)

Sono-Rodven 70302/DGC-70.302 LP / DGC 70302 Cassette, released 1993 (Venezuela)

V12 CD, released 1993 (China)

DGC 13524504 Cassette, released 1993 (Chile)

Geffen 650016-4 Cassette, released 1993 (Uruguay)

Geffen/Bremen Music 24504/C1RV0301 Cassette, released 1993 (India)

Geffen MVJG-25003 LP, released 1996 (Japan)

BMG Ariola De Colombia S.A. GEFD2-4504 CD, released 1996 (Colombia)

Crescendo Music & Marketing/Geffen PREMIUM 50275 GED-24504 Cassette, released 1996 (India)

Universal 4245042 CD, released 1998 (Colombia)

Geffen MVCG-19322 CD, released 1998 (Japan)

DGC DGCD-24504 CD, released 1998/2000 (Taiwan)

Geffen Records/Universal Muzik Yapım Organizasyon San. ve Tic. A.S. GEC24504 Cassette, released 1999 (Turkey)

Geffen DGCD-24504 CD, released 1999 (Venezuela)

Geffen Records/3АО GED24504/424 504-9 CD, released 2001 (Russia/Belarus)

Universal DTCD-054 CD, released 2001 (Taiwan)

Geffen/Universal Music Russia 424504-4 Cassette, released 2001 (Russia)

Ukrainian 424504-4, released 2001 (Ukraine)

DGC UICY-2002 CD / Geffen UICY-9719 CD / UICY-6134 CD / UICY-93359 CD / UICY-91224 CD / UICY-91638 CD / DGC UICY-75126 CD / Geffen UICY-25068 CD, released 2002/04/06/07/08/10/11 (Japan)

DGC/Geffen GED 24504 CD, released 2008 (Brazil)

Geffen 72064245049 CD, released 2009 (Russia)

ORG Music ORGM-1005 LP, released 2011 (U.S.)

DGC B0017746-01 2xLP, released 2012/17 (U.S.)

DGC/Universal Music Group 00602537222797 2xLP, released 2012 (Europe)

DGC/Universal Music Group 00602537204830 2xLP, released 2017 (Europe)

Geffen GED24504 CD / V 140038/DGCD-24504/GEFD-24504 CD / V 140038/GEFD 24504/DGCD-24504 CD (Brazil)

Geffen GEFMD-24504 CD / GEFMC-24504 Cassette (Canada)

Geffen GEFD2-4504 CD (Mexico)

Geffen GED-24504 CD (Hong Kong/Malaysia)

Geffen GEFD2-4504 DGC CD (Colombia)

Geffen GEFD-24504 CD (Indonesia)

Geffen CDGEF 20025 CD (South Africa)

Cadic CA 3039 Cassette (Algeria)

Geffen GEC24504 Cassette (Bulgaria)

Incesticide was awesome: a true goldmine for Nirvana fans. Those of us who were a little more thorough than others had gotten ahold of a chunk of these tracks long before they were released. Some were singles, some b-sides, some had circulated on demo bootlegs. There were definitely tracks I had not gotten before Incesticide came out, and of course, they sounded infinitely better on this than they had on the bootlegs.

There were lots of versions of this one, but now that I've tackled Nevermind, everything else is comparatively easy.

There have somehow only been 17 legitimate vinyl variants over the years. I can handle that. The first to discuss, and still the main one to own, was the original U.S. pressing, issued on a light blue marble vinyl. They made 15,000 of these. It has been a little pricey for a while, but had really been appreciating recently. There have been four of them that have gone in the $225-250 range so far in 2020. I still can't call that the norm, as others have gone for less. Seems to be heading in that direction, though.

Next, we'll look at the other versions that came out in 1992. All of these were on black vinyl. There were two Dutch variants, made for the general Europe market: one had labels with the standard Geffen Records logo and misspelled "Aero Zeppelin" as "Abro Zeppelin" on the b-side label. The other had weird labels, which had the same logo, but no "Geffen Records" underneath it. This one had "Aero Zeppelin" spelled correctly on the label. The second of these seems a bit rarer and slightly more expensive, but both are relatively reasonable. The French pressing is pretty rare and getting expensive. The Brazilian pressing is fairly common and not costly, while the Ecuadorian pressing is very rare and rather steep.

The next few years brought a few additional pressings. There was a Colombian one, which is fairly common and not too expensive. The Venezuelan one is quite rare, but has never sold for all that much. A South Korean version came out around this time as well, which is fairly rare and pricey. The Japanese pressing wasn't worth anything for years, but there has been renewed interest in the Japanese issues, so it has appreciated quite a bit in recent years. All of the above were on balck vinyl.

The real wave of re-presses started in 2011. There were ORG versions that came out at that point. As with Nevermind, these were mastered from the original tapes by Bernie Grundman and were pressed at Pallas, and many swear by them as the versions with the definitive sound quality. There was a clear vinyl version and a black vinyl version. Both have gotten quite expensive lately.

In 2012, the anniversary pressings began. A 200g double LP version (no extra tracks - it was just recorded at 45 RPM) came out for Record Store Day Black Friday. It was numbered, and in theory, there were 4,000 copies, but numbers higher than 4,000 have surfaced. The general consensus is this one sounds really good. It's not the cheapest, but the price is actually not much different from the retail price when it was released. There was also a 180g European version. That one is a lot cheaper. Both were re-pressed in 2017 for the 25th anniversary, with very subtle differences. For the U.S. version, the 2012 issue had a round, orange sticker on the front of the sleeve giving all the details about the release. Also, as noted above, the 2012 one was numbered - the number was stamped in gold on the back of the sleeve. The 2017 version did not have the sticker or the number. For the European version, the main difference seems to be the latter one came with a rectangular, black hype sticker. There were also two versions of the 2017 pressing sleeve. One listed the track "Beeswax" on the wrong record (listed on side C, actually on side B). A corrected version also exists. All of the 2017 versions are reasonably priced.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
DGC-24504 LP Light Blue Marble (U.S. - 1992) 150-180 4 Up/Volatile
Geffen GEF 24504 Black (Europe - 1992 - Geffen Records on Labels) 35-45 1 Stable
Geffen GEF 24504 Black (Europe - 1992 - No Geffen Records on Labels) 45-55 3 Stable
Geffen GEF 24504 Black (France - 1992) 65-85 7 Up
Geffen 170.8075 Black (Brazil - 1992) 30-40 4 Stable
Geffen 929-1141 Black (Ecuador - 1992) 80-100 8 Stable
Geffen 02116107023 Black (Colombia - 1993) 30-40 4 Stable
Sono-Rodven 70302/DGC-70.302 LP Black (Venezuela - 1993) 25-35 8 Stable
Geffen BMGFL 5016 LP Black (South Korea - 1993) 50-70 7 Stable
Geffen MVJG-25003 LP Black (Japan - 1996) 60-80 3 Up
ORG Music ORGM-1005 Clear (U.S. - 2011) 70-90 4 Stable
ORG Music ORGM-1005 Black (U.S. - 2011) 45-55 3 Stable
DGC B0017746-01 2xLP Black (U.S. - 2012) 40-50 2 Stable
DGC/Universal Music Group 00602537222797 2xLP Black (Europe - 2012) 25-30 3 Stable
DGC B0017746-01 2xLP Black (U.S. - 2017) 30-35 2 Stable
DGC/Universal Music Group 00602537204830 2xLP Black (Europe - 2017) 20-30 3 Stable
DGC/Universal Music Group 00602537204830 2xLP Black (Europe - 2017 - Corrected Sleeve) 20-30 1 Stable
U.S. Light Blue Marble
ORG Clear
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Scarcity Score Definition
10 Near impossible: Fewer than 50 copies or publicly sold every few years
8-9 Very rare: 50-199 copies or publicly sold 1-2 times per year
6-7 Rare: 200-499 copies or publicly sold a few times a year
4-5 Medium: 500-999 copies or publicly sold ~10 times a year
1-3 Common: 1000+ copies, readily available, or publicly sold 20+ times a year

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