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Beat Up 7"

The Beat b/w Brixton Beat

Ice Bear/Moon Records - Toast 1/Toast 2, released 1984

Assigned "MR001" number in later Moon catalogues

The inaugural Toasters single.  This one started it all.  It was actually released on Ice Bear Records, but was assigned Moon catalogue numbers - Toast 1 for side A and Toast 2 for side B.  This is a very, very difficult record to find.  When it does appear, it is usually in a consistent price range ($40-50).  I have seen a couple of them sell since 2010.  Before that, it had been many years since I had last seen one sold.  Grab it when you see it.

Version Approximate value ($)
Toast 1/Toast 2 Black (1000) 40-50
Sleeve Full Paper Sleeve

Mystik Mood b/w Sea of Happiness 7"

Moon Records Toast 3/Toast 4, released 1984

This is not a ska record.  It is also extremely hard to find.  There was an East of Eden LP released containing these two tracks as well (along with four others).  That one came out under the Dieter Osten name.  This record ranks with the Toasters' Beat Up single in its market scarcity, but does not sell for quite as much when it comes up.

Version Approximate value ($)
Toast 3/Toast 4 Black (1000) 25-30
Sleeve Full Paper Sleeve

Split 7" - Six Pack # 1

Talk Is Cheap b/w Try and Try Again

Moon Records - Toast 13/Toast 14, released 1987

Assigned "MR015" number in later Moon catalogues

The Toasters strike back!  Or "again," at any rate.  Solid second single.  A split with Beat Brigade.

Version Approximate value ($)
Toast 13/Toast 14 Black (1000) 15-25
Sleeve Full Paper Sleeve

Split 7" - Six Pack # 2

Overcast b/w Bruise in Me

Moon Records - Toast 15/Toast 16, released 1987

Assigned "MR013" number in later Moon catalogues

Ska/mod split single extravaganza!  This was the only item released with the Legal Gender name on it...soon thereafter, the band became the N.Y. Citizens.  I have heard that some of the copies that were sold later on had N.Y. Citizens stickers placed over the Legal Gender name.  I have not seen one of those, though.  The Scene was a fun mod band that included Luis Zuluaga, later of Slackers fame.  This was the last record to carry the Toast catalogue numbers.  There was a Toast 17/18 single planned for the band Second Step, but it never happened.  They switched over to "MR" numbering from this point onward.

Version Approximate value ($)
Toast 15/Toast 16 Black 15-20
Sleeve Full Paper Sleeve

Split 7"

Goodfellas b/w The Sophomore

Moon Ska MR049, released 1994

This split can occasionally be tough to fund, but is usually inexpensive when you do.  Honestly, this one doesn't do much for me.  Good to have for completeness.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR049 Black 5-8
Sleeve Foldover Thick-Stock Paper Sleeve

Selections from Upcoming CD 7"

Spider on my Bed b/w Parish

Moon Ska MR051, released 1994

Eventually, Grover Records in Germany decided to put the later "Record of Convictions" album out on vinyl.  Up to that point, believe it or not, this single was the only piece of Scofflaws vinyl out there.  Do you believe that?  This one can be a tough find.  Both songs can be found on the "Ska in Hi-Fi" album.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR051 Blue 12-15
Sleeve Plain White Paper Sleeve

Blow Wind Blow b/w Jive Samba 7"

Moon Ska MR060, released 1996

The Moon Ska clear vinyl series begins here.  Moon put out ten different singles, limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies each.  Half of them are very easy to locate and inexpensive.  The other half can be very tough to track down, and some of those can cost into the $30 range.  I never expected that the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble to be one of the tougher finds, but I had to dig this up from an online retailer in France to find my copy.  It should not be particularly expensive, but it seems to be pretty scarce.  Both tracks are from the "Low Blow" album.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR060 Clear 12-15
Sleeve Thick-Stock White Paper Sleeve

Chuck Berry b/w Maxwell Smart 7"

Moon Ska MR063, released 1995

The Toasters clear single is one of the mid-range ones.  Somewhat hard to find and can cost a few bucks, but not too bad on either count.  The labels on this one seem to have been printed backwards...side A says "light side," but it is printed on the "dark side" label.  I am not sure if all copies are printed this way, but it is likely that they are.  Both of these tracks are from the "Hard Band For Dead" album.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR063 Clear 12-15
Sleeve Thick-Stock White Paper Sleeve

Hardest Working Man b/w Why Not? 7"

Moon Ska MR064, released 1996

This is one of the most commonly available singles in the clear vinyl series.  Both tracks are from the "Dance With Me" album.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR064 Clear 5
Sleeve Thick-Stock White Paper Sleeve

2-Face b/w Tonight 7"

Moon Ska MR073, released 1996

The Slackers' 2-Face 7" is one of the more valuable entries in the Moon Ska clear vinyl series.  These versions of both songs can be found on the Better Late than Never album.  When this 7" was released, the album was only available in one format (the original Moon Ska CD).  The vinyl versions of the songs sounded much better.   Since then, there have been several vinyl versions of the album, as well as a re-mastered cd version, so the sound quality of the single no longer stands out above the rest.  Hand-numbered out of 1000.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR073 Clear (1000) 15-25
Sleeve Plain white cardboard sleeve

You Take Me b/w Uncomfortable Sidekick 7"

Moon Ska MR074, released 1996

The Let's Go Bowling clear 7" edition is in the moderate range with respect to both value and scarcity.  Both tracks are off of "Mr. Twist".

Version Approximate value ($)
MR074 Clear 10-12
Sleeve Thick-Stock White Paper Sleeve

Crazy Monkey Lady b/w Ocean 7"

Moon Ska MR075, released 1996

The Pietasters' Moon Ska single is one of the more expensive entries in the clear vinyl series.  Both of these songs appeared on the band's "Willis" album, but that one came out after the band jumped ship from Moon to Hellcat.  The versions of the two tracks on this single are earlier versions than the ones that were eventually released on "Willis."  These versions were, however, also released elsewhere.  They came out on the Comply CD.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
MR075 Clear 20-30 Up
Sleeve Thick-Stock White Paper Sleeve

Agent 86 b/w See Ya 7"

Moon Ska MR089, released 1996

This might be the easiest clear vinyl Moon single to pinpoint.  I see it fairly regularly, and it is usually cheap.  The two tracks on this one come from the album, "...The Infamous," which is actually not a Moon Ska release (it came out on Radical Records).

Version Approximate value ($)
MR089 Clear 5
Sleeve Thick-Stock White Paper Sleeve

I Can't Decide/Decade Revival Song b/w I'll Do It Someday 7"

Moon Ska MR095, released 1996

Buford O'Sullivan contributes to the Moon Ska 7" series.  This single is the only one that came with anything other than the white cardboard sleeve.  It has an insert containing the lyrics to two of the tracks.  The first song is from the "Skankaholics Unanimous" compilation, and the other two came out on Buford's "The Club of Hopes and Fears" album.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR095 Clear 10-12
Sleeve Thick-Stock White Paper Sleeve

Jason b/w Now 7"

Moon Ska MR096, released 1996

MU330...this band developed a bit of a following from the ska-punk crowd, and, as a result, this single became the most valuable in the clear vinyl series.  Both songs are on the "Club Rangoon" album (Asian Man Records), but the versions on the 7" are unique to the single.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR096 Clear 25-35
Sleeve Thick-Stock White Paper Sleeve

Beardman Ska b/w Riverboat 7"

Moon Ska MR098, released 1996

Last, but not least, Skavoovie and the Epitones also had a single in the clear vinyl series.  "Riverboat" is available on the band's "Ripe" album, but "Beardman Ska" is exclusive to this single.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR098 Clear 8-10
Sleeve Thick-Stock White Paper Sleeve

No Reason for Season b/w Your Sympathy 7"

Moon Ska MR146, released 1998

This one is an interesting collector's piece.  It is actually just about the hardest Moon Ska record to find.  The Dr. Ring-Ding 7" was the final piece of vinyl released on Moon Ska before the label went under.  This is probably why it is so scarce...anyone I know who has a copy got it via mailorder right after it came out.  Moon Ska closed up shop, and that was it.  Most copies of this record likely ended up in a dumpster on east 10th Street.  I know of very few copies that are in circulation.  It is extremely scarce, and took me multiple years to track one down.

Now...let's talk about the actual record, shall we?  This was another piece in the "Open Season" battle.  Dr. Ring Ding's contribution came after the Hepcat response and the Skinnerbox rebuttal.  Good times.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR146 Black 40-50
Sleeve Plain White Paper Sleeve
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