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Comply CD

Slug Tone! ST-009, released 1996

This disc came out on the Tasters' Slug Tone Records, distributed by Moon. It came out after Oolooloo and Strapped Live!, and that the material within mostly represented the period between Oolooloo and their jump to Hellcat. It was the first time that the Pietasters really moved toward the soul sound and away from ska. They didn't have it down yet at this point, but were getting there. Also, there were multiple versions. The original one was limited to 2000 copies, hand-numbered, and signed by the whole band. It was also sold with a t-shirt. The Comply title only appears on the spine of the CD case. The artwork was printed on plain paper and folded up to create the insert. This version lists both Moon Ska and Slug Tone on the back of the case. 

A couple of years later, the Pietasters found more copies, and started offering them for sale. These new ones did have the Comply title on the covers and were not signed or numbered. These copies made no mention of Moon Ska on the artwork - they were exclusively Slug Tone. The insert for this version was much more professionally done that the initial version. I always thought that the band must have had more CDs produced. However, I compared the discs for the two different versions, and all of the production markings are identical. The band may have just redone the artwork for the re-release. Both versions are now quite scarce. Fortunately, the material from this one was released on the 1992-1996 Pietasters Anthology.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Slug Tone ST-009 CD (1st - no'd, autographed) 25-35 Up
Slug Tone ST-009 CD (2nd) 20-25 Up

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Scarcity Score Definition
10 Near impossible: Fewer than 50 copies or publicly sold every few years
8-9 Very rare: 50-199 copies or publicly sold 1-2 times per year
6-7 Rare: 200-499 copies or publicly sold a few times a year
4-5 Medium: 500-999 copies or publicly sold ~10 times a year
1-3 Common: 1000+ copies, readily available, or publicly sold 20+ times a year

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