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Sub Pop Albums: SP10 - SP50

I guess it's about time I got around to finishing this page up.  This page has been the most requested of those who have contacted me.  I was missing a lot of the images, so it took me a little longer than planned.  Here we go, though...Sub Pop LPs.  Many thanks go to Matt Mona for providing a large number of pictures for this page.  If you happen to have any of the other missing images, please .

SP10 V/A

Sub Pop 100

Sub Pop SP10, released July 1986

The first piece of Sub Pop vinyl ever.  A compilation of all sorts of bands that never really made subsequent appearances on Sub Pop (except for Sonic Youth, of course...). All copies were on black vinyl.  It also comes with a nice insert giving some details on the bands.  Limited to 5000 copies.  The price has bounced around quite a bit in the last couple of years.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP10 Black (5000) 35-65 Volatile

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SP11 Green River

Dry as a Bone

Sub Pop SP11, released June 1987

This one basically qualifies as legendary at this point.  Green River's first on Sub Pop.  These are all on black vinyl, but the inserts varied a bit.  The first pressing of 2000 came with yellow inserts.  The next batch came with pink inserts.  I have heard that there were only 500 with pink inserts, but I don't really believe that, as the pink ones seem to be more common than the yellow ones.  Regardless, the yellow ones sell for more.  There were also additional copies on the market with no inserts.  All versions have been selling for a bit more in recent years.  The yellow insert copies have been all over the map: anywhere from $30 to $200, but most have sold in the range below.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP11 Black w/ Yellow Insert (2000) 40-80 Up
SP11 Black w/ Pink Insert 40-50 Up
SP11 Black w/o Insert 20-35 Stable
Yellow Insert
Pink Insert
Rumors Red insert: I was recently told by One Who Knows Things that the printer ran out of yellow paper when printing the inserts for this record, and some of the initial pressings came with red inserts as a result.  I have not seen one fo these, so I cannot confirm as of yet.

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SP12 Soundgarden


Screaming Life

Sub Pop SP12, released October 1987

Sub Pop SP1065 2xLP, released November 2013

What to do with this one...the first several Sub Pop releases all have their grand places in history.  This was Soundgarden's debut EP.  There are many colors to account for here.  The first pressing is still the big one: 500 on orange vinyl (some discographies say 600).  There were several subsequent pressings due to the popularity of the album, and they were on many colors due to Erika Records' involvement.  To complicate the situation, there were also several important sleeve variations.  Alright, let's get to it.  Here's what Matt Mona (of KA-CHUNK Records, who provided many of the images) and I have pieced together:

1. 1st pressing: 500-600 on orange vinyl.  Black & white sleeve, "Screaming Life" in orange print on the spine.

2. Black vinyl,  black & white sleeve, "Screaming Life" in orange print on the spine.

3. Black vinyl, sepia tone sleeve, no bar code, "Screaming Life" in red print on the spine.

4. Erika pressings...known colors: I have seen blue marble (these vary in amount of marbling and darkness of the blue color), red, purple marble, pink marble, and mint green marble, which is by far the rarest of the bunch.  This one was unconfirmed for a long time before a collector got ahold of a copy.  Right.  Sepia tone sleeve, small bar code on the upper left of the back of the sleeve.

5. Black vinyl, black & white sleeve, "Screaming Life" in red print on the spine, bar code on the bottom right of the back of the sleeve, on the bottom of the sleeve.

6. 2013 re-press: This is a double LP re-press (the second LP is a re-press of the Fopp EP).  The limited Loser Edition of this pressing has a clear blue Screaming Life record and a clear vinyl Fopp EP.  The regular edition has both discs on black.

All color copies sell for a fair amount now, while the black ones do not (the early black ones should go for more than they do).  The blue, purple, and red versions all appear with similar frequency.  The pink marble one is rarer, and has gotten expensive recently, while the mint green one is a really tough find.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP12 Orange (500-600) 150-200 Up/Volatile
SP12 Black (b/w sleeve, no bar code) 30-45 Stable
SP12 Black (sepia sleeve, no bar code) 20-35 Stable
SP12 Blue Marble 30-45 Stable
SP12 Purple Marble 30-45 Stable
SP12 Red 30-50 Stable
SP12 Pink Marble 85-125 Up/Volatile
SP12 Mint Green Marble 100-150 Stable
SP12 Black (w/ bar code) 10-12 Stable
SP1065 2013 2xLP Re-press (Loser Edition) 25-30 Stable
SP1065 2013 2xLP Re-press (Black) 15 Stable
Credits Matt Mona (KA-CHUNK Records): All images except black vinyl, mint green vinyl, and sepia sleeve.

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SP15 Green River

Rehab Doll

Sub Pop SP15, released May 1988

Glitterhouse GR0031 (Germany)

Another instant legend.  The first 1000 of these were on green vinyl.  There were also black ones pressed in this first batch.  These green and black copies contained printed inner sleeves that served as inserts (one side of this sleeve contained lyrics).  Later, there was another black batch made, but these had different labels and contained no inner sleeve insert.  Also released in Germany on Glitterhouse.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP15 Green (1000) 50-100 Up/Volatile
SP15 Black (Beer Can Labels) 25-40 Stable
SP15 Black (Normal Labels) 25-40 Up
Inner Sleeve
Test Pressing
Test Pressing Black vinyl, plain silver labels

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SP16 The Fluid


Clear Black Paper

Glitterhouse GR0026, released 1988

Sub Pop SP16, released 1988

Fluid Album #2. The Glitterhouse version came first for this one, all on black vinyl. The Fluid then signed to Sub Pop back in the label's very early days. There are a number of sources that cite the Afghan Whigs as the first non-Seattle Sub Pop signing, but it was the Fluid. Fo' real. Anyway, Sub Pop took the album, replaced four of the tracks (all of the replacement songs were available on the Freak Magnet EP), changed the sleeve, and put it out in 1988. The first pressing was on blue vinyl and limited to 500 copies. Later versions were on pink marble and black. On the sleeves for the later pressings, the shaded areas appear to be darker. It's significant enough to where I can eyeball the difference easily in a record store. The first pressing came with Sub Pop's first catalogue, a double-sided full page detailing SP10 through SP19.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Glitterhouse GR0026 5-10 2 Down
SP16 (Blue) 15-20 6 Stable
SP16 (Pink Marble) 12-15 3 Stable
SP16 (Black) 10-12 3 Stable
Insert - Side 1
Insert - Side 2
Test Pressing
Glitterhouse GR0026
Sub Pop SP16 (Blue)
Sub Pop SP16 (Pink Marble)
Sub Pop SP16 (Black)

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SP17 Soundgarden



Sub Pop SP17, released August 1988

Many of the releases of this era in Sub Pop's history can be described as legendary.  No difference here.  Later lumped in with Screaming Life for cassette and CD versions, this one is still a classic collectible.  It came in a die-cut sleeve, and was limited to 2000 copies, all on black vinyl.  It came in a die-cut sleeve that was black on the front with some black, difficult to read print on it.  It was re-pressed in 2013 and included with the deluxe edition of Screaming Life.  The Loser Edition of Fopp was on clear vinyl - it was also pressed on black.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP17 Fopp - Black (2000) 25-35 Down
2013 Loser Edition Re-press

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SP20 Girl Trouble

Hit It or Quit It

K/Sub Pop SP20, released September 1988

This was a joint release between Sub Pop and K Records.  Girl Trouble was never really a Sub Pop band.  They had to make their appearance, though.  The first pressing was on black vinyl, and can be recognized by the insert.  The yellow marble version showed up a little later on.  There may have been a later black pressing concurrent with the yellow marble, but this is unconfirmed.  The later pressings contained no inserts.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
K/SP20 Black 10-15 Stable
K/SP20 Yellow Marble 15-20 Stable

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SP21 Mudhoney

Superfuzz Bigmuff

Sub Pop SP21, released October 1988

Glitterhouse GR0034 (Germany)

Well, it doesn't get much more iconic than this (until we get to Bleach...).  Mudhoney's first album.  The first pressing was of 1000 on black vinyl.  The first pressing came with a poster.  After this first press, some other colors surfaced, including blue marble, purple marble (normal and dark), red, and grey marble.  The grey one is the rarest of these.  There was a later black pressing; the sleeve contained a bar code and the Sub Pop URL on the back.  In 2009, Sub Pop repressed this album for the 20th anniversary of its original release.  This version is on a dark grey marble vinyl.  It comes with a poster, similar to that of the original release, and a download coupon.  The labels are a darker yellow than on the earlier pressings.  The grey re-press seems to have devalued the original grey version a bit.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP21 Black w/ Poster (1000) 25-40 Stable
SP21 Blue Marble 35-50 Stable
SP21 Purple Marble 35-50 Stable
SP21 Dark Purple Marble 35-50 Stable
SP21 Red 40-60 Stable
SP21 Grey Marble 20-30 Down
SP21 Black (w/ bar code) 12-15 Stable
SP21 Dark Grey Marble - 2009 Pressing 15 Stable
2009 Edition
Credits Matt Mona: red vinyl image

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SP22 Blood Circus

Primal Rock Therapy

Sub Pop SP22, released January 1989

Glitterhouse GR0038 (Germany)

This band flopped.  Sub Pop used to tout them in their catalogues as only having been liked by the people working at the label.  I thought they were decent, actually.  They had one album and one single.  The single gets a lot more attention.  The first 1000 copies of this LP were on red vinyl.  Sub Pop says 1649 total were pressed, which indicates that there are 649 black copies floating around.  Neither black nor red will break the bank.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP22 Red (1000) 10-15 Stable
SP22 Black (649) 8-10 Stable
Sub Pop Insert

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SP24 Swallow

Tupelo TUPLP1 (Sub Pop SP24), released March 1989

Swallow.  Forever linked to Blood Circus.  This one drove me crazy for a little while, as I could get no definitive opinion on whether there were separate Sub Pop and Tupelo pressings.  There aren't.  It just says Tupelo.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
TUPLP1/SP24 Black 8-12 Stable

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SP25 V/A

Sub Pop 200 3xLP Box Set

Sub Pop SP25, released December 1988

"It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black." Sub Pop hit the jackpot with unnecessary marketing on this set. It contained three records in a big, fancy box with a big, fancy booklet full of Charles Peterson photos. It was limited to 5000 copies. Total overkill - all of the tracks would have fit on a single record. Ya gotta love it. It is only as expensive as it is because of the Nirvana collectors (it has the only studio version of "Spank Thru" on it). There are 5000...shouldn't cost that much. But it does. The Fluid song on here is a different version from the one released on the Roadmouth album.

Track Listing:

  • Tad - Sex God Missy
  • The Fluid - Is It Day I'm Seeing?
  • Nirvana - Spank Thru
  • Steven J. Bernstein - Come Out Tonight
  • Mudhoney - The Rose
  • The Walkabouts - Got No Chains
  • Terry Lee Hale - Dead Is Dead
  • Soundgarden - Sub Pop Rock City
  • Green River - Hangin' Tree
  • Fastbacks - Swallow My Pride
  • Blood Circus - The Outback
  • Swallow - Zoo
  • Chemistry Set - Underground
  • Girl Trouble - Gonna Find a Cave
  • The Nights and Days - Split
  • Cat Butt - Big Cigar
  • Beat Happening - Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive
  • Screaming Trees - Lova or Confusion
  • Steve Fisk - Untitled
  • The Thrown Ups - You Lost It

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP200 3xLP Box Set 60-150 2 Volatile
Credits Matt Mona: all four images

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SP27 Tad

God's Balls

Sub Pop SP27, released March 1989

Glitterhouse GR0051 (Germany)

Tad, you are a classy bastard.  This was Tad's first full-length.  The first 2000 copies came on black vinyl in gatefold sleeves.  500 of these came with a "Manzine."  No, really.  Look - there's a picture.  There were further black copies, along with some blue marble copies, released later in normal sleeves.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP27 Black (Gatefold w/ Poster & Manzine - 500) 35-50 Up
SP27 Black (Gatefold w/ Poster - 1500) 25-45 Up
SP27 Blue Marble 25-40 Up
SP27 Black (Normal Sleeve) 25-40 Up
Gatefold Sleeve
Credits Chaney: Manzine image
Matt: Black vinyl image

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SP31 Walkabouts


Sub Pop SP31, released March 1989

Glitterhouse GR0073 (Germany)

Shortly after the Walkabouts made a mildly-out-of-place folksy appearance on Sub Pop 200, their first Sub Pop LP came out.  According to Sub Pop, the first 3000 copies contained a lyric sheet.  Apparently, when they ran out of lyric sheets to include, they started putting in giant letter size Singles Club subscription forms (we see this again with Bleach below).  The following was recently discovered in a sealed copy.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP31 Black w/ Lyric Sheet (3000) 5-8 Stable
SP31 Black w/ Singles Club Insert 5-8 Stable

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SP34 Nirvana


Sub Pop SP34, released June 1989

Sub Pop SP834 2xLP, released 2009

Tupelo TUPLP6 (UK)

Waterfront DAMP114 (Australia)

What can I say about Bleach?  This album means everything in the realm of Sub Pop.  A fabulous album that, in the end, led to the salvation of the label.  There are many, many editions of Bleach.  Check out Discogs for the full global list - I am going to focus on the U.S. Sub Pop pressings.  The first pressing was of 1000 on white vinyl.  Some of these came with posters.  The price of this was was stable in the $400 range for many years.  It has been really unpredictable lately, though.  I have seen three different copies sell for more than $900.

The second pressing was of 2000 on black vinyl.  Most of these came with posters.  Those that didn't came with giant letter-size Singles Club ads.  You will see normally see this referred to as the "A4" insert...It's not A4, silly Europeans.  It's U.S. letter size, which is different.  There were at least two different Singles Club forms that were used in this capacity: one starts with Lazy Cowgirls and another starts with Sister Ray.  The first time I saw one of the Sister Ray copies, I thought someone had swapped out a form from another record, but I have since seen three or four more of these, so I now believe them to be legit.  Presumably, Sub Pop had some copies sitting on the shelf for a few months, so they swapped out the Singles Club forms at some point.  Anyway, the black ones with posters generally go for more than those with inserts - lately, a lot more.  Black copies with posters have shot up in price - I have seen several copies sell in the $350-$500 range, which is completely insane.  The copies that come with neither a poster nor an insert are much less expensive. 

The 3rd pressings, done by Erika, were on a variety of colors (pink, pink marble, purple marble, green marble, yellow-green marble, and blue marble).  Some are much rarer than others, and this is reflected in the pricing.  The blue marble version has always been the most expensive of this group, but for some weird reason, the price of the purple one has taken off recently, while most of the others have stayed stable.  There is one specific standout edition from this era: 500 copies on red & white swirled vinyl.  Most of these came sealed in plastic along with a blue vinyl Sliver 7".  They are also numbered.  All of these things combine to make this a very expensive edition.  Some copies have surfaced with no numbers and no 7" - these go for much less money than the full sets.

There is one pressing that does not fit with the rest: the so-called "Iceberg" pressing.  As the story goes, these were not used by the label for fear that they would be mistaken for the white pressing.  There were very few of these.  As such, it sells for an obscene amount of money.  

There was another later pressing on black vinyl, but is easily distinguished from the earlier black pressing.  First, there is a bar code and the Sub Pop web URL on the back of the sleeve.  Next, the Nirvana logo on the front of the sleeve is in a different position.  On all earlier pressings, the logo butts right up against the top edge of the sleeve.  On this later edition, it is evenly spaced between the top edge and the picture.

In 2009, Sub Pop reissued Bleach again.  This new version ("Deluxe Edition") is a double LP, and carries a different catalogue number (SP834).  The second record contains the band's live performance from February 9, 1990 in Portland, OR.  The first 10,000 copies of the Deluxe Edition are on white vinyl.  Some copies have some dark streaks running through them.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this.  Heavyweight vinyl was used for this pressing.  There have been some reports of these records not playing very well on some people's turntables.  I cannot confirm or deny this.  Sub Pop has also done black vinyl copies.  The release comes with a download coupon.

But why stop there?  In 2014, Sub Pop and Newbury Comics collaborated to release two more versions of Bleach, one on maroon vinyl and one on clear vinyl with white mixed in.  Each of these was limited to 750 copies.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP34 White (1000) 450-900 Up/Volatile
SP34 Black w/ Poster (2000) 300-500 Up/Volatile
SP34 Black w/ Singles Club Insert 100-140 Stable
SP34 Black w/o Poster, Insert, or Bar Code 70-80 Stable
SP34 Iceberg 1200-1500 ?
SP34 Pink 50-70 Stable
SP34 Pink Marble 90-120 Stable
SP34 Red 90-120 Stable
SP34 Purple Marble 120-200 Up
SP34 Green Marble 70-90 Stable
SP34 Yellow-Green Marble 120-150 Stable
SP34 Blue Marble 160-200 Stable
SP34 Red & White Swirl w/ Number + Blue Sliver 7" (500) 1000-1200 Up
SP34 Red & White Swirl (No Number or Sliver 7") 500-600 Stable
SP34 Black w/ Bar Code 15-20 Stable
SP834 2xLP White 20-25 Stable
SP834 2xLP Black 20-25 Stable
SP34 Maroon (750) 40-65 Up
SP34 Clear/White (750) 40-65 Up
Test Pressing (1st)
Test Pressing (3rd)
SP34 Bleach - Error Pressing
1st Pressing - White
2nd Pressing - Black
Red & White Swirl
Yellow-Green Marble
Green Marble
Purple Marble
Pink Marble
Blue Marble
Credits Enrico ( Test and error pressings, iceberg, red/white splatter images

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SP36 The Fluid



Sub Pop SP36, released June 1989

Glitterhouse GR0055

Released concurrently on Sub Pop and Glitterhouse in 1989. The sleeve was the same for both except for the coloring. The Glitterhouse one had an olive green tint, while the Sub Pop one was more pink. As with all others, the Glitterhouse version was on black vinyl. The Sub Pop version...not so much. A member of the band told me that the first pressing was of equal numbers of pink marble and red marble copies, and believed it was a total press run of 1000. The grey marble and black copies were later pressings.

I knew that other colors might exist, but imagine my surprise when one of the original Sub Pop discographers wrote to me a couple of years ago to tell me of two others - a clear red and a clear green copy. Supposedly, these were pressed in quantities of about 50 each. I had seen a clear red one advertised for years, but assumed that it was the red marble one and moved on with my life. As soon as I got that message, I bought that copy...sure enough, clear red. Who knew? The difference is a little hard to tell in the pictures, but I is clear red and the other is solid red marble. I have never been able to verify the clear green one, so for the time being, it remains in the rumors section.

The only cd version of the full Roadmouth album was on Glitterhouse. It contains a version of "Saccharine Rejection" (probably the best version, for what it's worth) that was otherwise only available on the Motor City Madness Glitterhouse compilation. Most of the album was later released in cd form along with the Glue EP by Sub Pop. Two songs were left off the combined cd: "Big Brother" and "Leave It".

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
GR0055 (Black) 2-4 1 Down
SP36 - 1st Press (Pink Marble) 15-20 5 Stable
SP36 - 1st Press (Red Marble) 25-35 5 Up
SP36 (Clear Red) 40-50 9 Up
SP36 (Grey Marble) 15-20 4 Stable
SP36 (Black) 5-8 2 Stable
Pink Marble
Red Marble
Clear Red
Grey Marble
Rumors Clear green version

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SP38 Les Thugs

Electric Troubles

Sub Pop SP38, released August 1989

Vinyl Solution SOL-5 (UK)

Glitterhouse GR0039 (Germany)

Originally released on the UK label Vinyl Solution (SOL-5), then re-released for Sub Pop on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP38 Black 12-15 Stable

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SP41 Cat Butt

Journey To the Center of...

Sub Pop SP41, released August 1989

Glitterhouse GR0067 (Germany)

Exists on green and black vinyl.  The first 1000 were on green.  Plus, the album is called "Journey to the Center of...Cat Butt," so how can you go wrong?

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP41 Green (1000) 10-15 Stable
SP41 Black 8-10 Stable

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SP42 Cosmic Psychos

Go the Hack

Sub Pop SP42, released December 1989

Cosmic Psychos.  Exists on red (1000) and black vinyl.  That is all.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP42 Red (1000) 20-30 Up
SP42 Black 12-15 Stable

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SP44 Mudhoney


Sub Pop SP44, released 1989

Glitterhouse GR0069 (Germany)

1st 3000 on black vinyl in gatefold sleeves with posters.  These sell for pretty small amounts.  Later pressings exist on many colors.  Known colors are: yellow marble, green, clear, grey marble (varies from light to dark), blue marble (varies from light to dark), lavender marble and black.  There is also theoretically a pink pressing from this time period (unconfirmed).  In 2009, Sub Pop released a 20th anniversary edition of this record, which was pressed on a pink vinyl.  There have already been variations that have surfaced for this one - solid pink, light pink marble, and hot pink marble have all been seen.  These reissue copies have different labels on them.  The sleeves are also very different from the originals. The reissues come with posters and download coupons.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP44 Black (Gatefold w/ Poster - 3000) 20-25
SP44 Yellow Marble 25-40
SP44 Green 25-40
SP44 Grey Marble 25-40
SP44 Lavender Marble 25-40
SP44 Light Blue Marble 25-40
SP44 Blue Marble 25-40
SP44 Clear 25-40
SP44 Black (No Poster) 12-15
SP44 Pink Marble 2009 Pressing 12
Test Pressing
2009 Pressing
Rumors Pink 2nd press version
Test Pressing Black vinyl, white labels
Credits Matt Mona: Many of these images
Martin: Light blue image

SP49 Tad

Salt Lick

Sub Pop SP49, released February 1990

Glitterhouse GR0076 (Germany)

Tad's back, on black vinyl.  This record came with a large letter-size Singles Club insert.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP49 Black 10-12
Test Pressing
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