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Moon Ska MR041 2xCD, released 1994

Contains the Slackers track "Sister Sister"

The Slackers track that appears on the Skarmageddon compilation was also on their original demo tape.  It is a song from their pre-Slackers days as the Nods (the Nods CD, released years after the fact, is worth finding).  This marked the Slackers' first appearance on Moon.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR041 2xCD 6-8

Stay SHARP Volume 2

Step-1 Music STEPCD 063, released 1995

Contains the Slackers track "Do You Know"

This UK CD compilation contained a great track from the Slackers' demo.  I always loved "Do You Know".  It was one of the first Nods songs that really began sounding like the Slackers.  I was quite pleased when they finally decided to put this song on an album when The Question came out.  This is a different version from the one that appears on that album.

Version Approximate value ($)
Step-1 STEPCD 063 10-12

Oi! Skampilation Vol. 1

Radical RAD 70009-2 CD, released 1995

Contains the Slackers track "Ray Gun Sally"

The Slackers track that appears on this compilation is another from the Nods era.  It also appeared on the band's demo tape.  This is one of those songs that sounds very little like the Slackers.

Version Approximate value ($)
Radical RAD 70009-2 CD 10-12

Death of an American Skathic

Jump Up JUMP003 CD, released 1995

Contains the Slackers track "Sensi Song"

The American Skathic series from Jump Up defined the midwest ska scene of the 90's.  They are all worth your time.  No vinyl, just CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
Jump Up JUMP003 CD 12-15

Roots, Branch and Stem

Stubborn SKA0000 CD, released 1996

Contains the Slackers track "Run Away"

Roots, Branch and Stem might be my favorite compilation from the third wave ska era.  It's a toss-up between this and Ska Island.  There are some fabulous songs on this CD: excellent versions of the Stubborn All Stars' "Tin Spam" and Skinnerbox's "Baby," not to mention a beautiful Dunia Best and Django duet ("Come to My Rescue") and what is probably the best Jumpstarts song ever.  I highly recommend it.  The version of the Slackers' "Run Away" that appears on here is a different version from the one that was on their Better Late than Never album.  I swear there is another compilation out there with yet another version of that song, but my memory is failing me on that one...I never owned it, but I recall that a friend of mine did.

Version Approximate value ($)
Stubborn SKA0000 CD 10-12

Skanarchy III

Elevator Music ELM19, released 1997

Contains the Slackers track "The Frog"

The Slackers song on Skanarchy III is exclusive to that CD.  It is "Walkin' the Dog" with a Slackers twist.  Entertaining.

Version Approximate value ($)
Elevator Music ELM19 10-12

Dancin' Mood

Triple Crown 3002-2, released 1997

Contains the Slackers tracks "No More Crying" and &Watch This"

Dancin' Mood was a very good compilation CD that came out in 1997.  It contains a different version of the Slackers' "No More Crying" from the one that was later released on The Question.  However, "Watch This" is the same version that appeared on the Redlight album.

Version Approximate value ($)
Triple Crown 3002-2 CD 10-12

Freedom Sounds: A Tribute to the Skatalites

Shanachie 5727 CD, released 1997

Contains the Slackers track "Calypso Jazz"

For a Skatalites tribute, this CD left me a little unsatisfied.  There is some good material on here, but nothing that keeps me coming back.  The Slackers track is exclusive to this release.

Version Approximate value ($)
Shanachie 5727 CD 10-12

Oi! Skampilation Vol. 2: Skalloween

Radical CD, released 1997

Contains the Slackers track "Munsters Theme"

The second in the Oi! Skampilation series (which one could probably determine from the "Volume 2" in the title...I am just full of groundbreaking information, aren't I?)...this one was Halloween themed.  It kicks off with a fun live recording of the Slackers covering the theme from the Munsters.  Good times were had by all.

Version Approximate value ($)
Radical CD 10-12

Punked Up Love

VMS 3 2xCD, released 2000

Contains the Slackers track "Mellow Mood"

I only recently discovered that this complation existed.  I do not own it, so I cannot really speak to its contents.  The Slackers cover Bob Marley's "Mellow Mood" on here.  I did hear a clip of that one, and it sounded really good.  The Pietasters also covered that song on their Turbo album.

Version Approximate value ($)
VMS 3 2xCD 15-20

This Is Special Potatoe Volume 1

Special Potato SP-04, released 2001

Contains the Slackers tracks "When I Find a Place Where I Belong" and "Dub TOO"

This compilation was one of the first releases on Special Potato (the Slackers' own label).  There are a couple of exclusive Slackers tracks on here.  Very good comp overall.  No vinyl version - just CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
Special Potato SP-04 CD 10-12

Kick Ass Ska

Pimp PR 002 CD, released 2002

Contains the Slackers track "Lucifer's Sun"

Kick Ass Ska was a Swiss CD compilation release.  Most of the tracks on it were previously available on other releases.  The Slackers track was one of the three that had not been released elsewhere.

Version Approximate value ($)
Pimp PR 002 CD 10-12
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