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USB Drive, released 2011

In 2011, the Slackers started selling a USB drive containing a bunch of rare and unreleased tracks.  They were only selling this at select shows; it was a standard USB drive with no special markings.  In early 2012, they released a version of it with some packaging (shown above).  I believe this version can only be purchased through Interpunk.  The drive contains the deluxe remastered edition of Better Late Than Never, the Nods album, compilation and demo tracks from 1993-1996, a live show from New York's long-gone Wetlands, a few 1995 live tracks that the band used as a demo, and a hefty set of rehearsal tracks from 1993-1996.  The price tag is a bit high at $35, but it is an interesting set of tracks for the completist.

Version Approximate value ($)
USB Drive 35
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