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Estrus Lunch Bucket 3x7" Box Set

Estrus ESBX1, released 1990

Includes the Seaweed track "Bewitched"

Estrus gets in on the fun - they had a few of these vinyl box sets (also released on cd).  The Lunch Bucket was the first.  Contains three 7"'s, featuring 12 bands.  The singles had catalogue numbers of ES-76, ES-77, and ES-78, and (as far as I know) were all on translucent black vinyl.  I would not be surprised if a color vinyl version existed, as the later Estrus box sets all had color versions, but I have never seen one for the Lunch Bucket.  The Seaweed track (on the third 7") is a Beat Happening cover.  The boxes were hand-numbered out of 1500, and came with trading cards for each of the 12 bands within.  The box also has a handle stapled to the top.  Apparently, there were an additional 125 copies or so that were named instead of numbered.  The value here is speculative - I have not been watching to see how much it fetches these days.

Version Approximate value ($)
ESBX1 3x7" Translucent Black (Numbered - 1500) 25-40
ESBX1 3x7" Translucent Black (Named - 125) 35-45
Trading Cards
Trading Cards
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