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Leopard Gecko LG-009, released 1990

Leopard Gecko Seaweed 7" number two.  They were still developing.  1500 copies pressed of this one, with the first 500 on clear light green vinyl.  Most of the rest are on semi-translucent black vinyl.  However, there is also a version on yellow vinyl.  The exact number of these is unconfirmed.  I had originally thought that the last 250 or 300 might be on yellow, but now know that there are far fewer than this.  I have only seen two copies on yellow vinyl since I have started doing this, and the numbers were random (951 and 1263).  I have seen many other copies in this number range, and all of those have been black.  There must have just been a handful of yellow ones.  It took me three years to find one after the first one surfaced.  'Tis scarce.  The backs of the sleeves are hand numbered.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
LG-009 Blue-Green Marble (500) 12-15 Down
LG-009 Black 8-10 Down
LG-009 Yellow 30-40 Up
Test Pressing
Test Pressing Black vinyl, small hole, white labels
Sleeve Paper foldover
Credits Marcus Andrews: Yellow vinyl image.  Check out his great vinyl blog.
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