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Moon Records/Moon Ska Albums to MR050


The Toasters!/Recriminations LP

Moon Records - Toast 5/Toast 6, released 1985

Unicorn PHZA-18, released 1988 (UK)

Moon Records MR005, released 1989

This EP was initially released as a self-titled Toasters EP, limited to 3000 copies.  Unicorn Records re-released it as Recriminations in 1988 with different artwork.  Moon then re-released it domestically in 1989, using the artwork from the Unicorn version, but with a black base color where the Unicorn one was green.  The Moon re-release was actually the first record to carry an "MR" catalogue number.  Of course, they used MR005 as the number for the Urban Blight Playgrounds N Glass album (distributed, not released by Moon).  The early MR catalogue numbers got pretty screwy.  Supposedly, the first several numbers were supposed to correspond to the earlier records with Toast catalogue numbers...but they don't work.  Don't try to match them up.  It's a futile exercise.

The earliest version of this one is actually the easiest to find.  The Unicorn one shows up fairly often, but the Moon re-press can be a bit tougher.  All three are on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska Toast 5/6 Black (3000) 12-15
Unicorn PHZR-18 Black (UK) 15-18
Moon Ska MR005 Black 15-20
Moon Toast 5/Toast 6
Unicorn PHZA-18
Moon MR005


Moon Records - Toast 7/Toast 8 LP, released 1985

Assigned "MR003" number in later Moon catalogues

This is an odd album.  It can be quite difficult to find, but I am convinced it is mainly because it is nearly impossible to search for on the internet.  All you have to go on is "Kill Me."  It has Moon Records labels, but nothing listed on the sleeve.  Limited to 2000 copies, all on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska Toast 7/8 Black (2000) 20-25

NY Beat: Hit and Run

Moon Records - Toast 9/Toast 10 LP/CS, released 1986

Assigned "MR010" number in later Moon catalogues

The NY Beat compilation is one of the most important ska compilations of the whole third wave.  This one really got things going.  There were quite a few pressed (reportedly 10,000), so it is generally not that expensive a record to find.  So go get one.  Black vinyl.

Track Listing:

  • The Toasters - Matt Davis
  • Beat Brigade - Armageddon Beat
  • The A-Kings - 7529
  • Cryin' Out Loud - The Distance
  • City Beat - It's Not up to You
  • The Daybreakers - Preying Man
  • The Scene - Walking
  • The Press - Just Another Warning
  • Urban Blight - Escape from Reality
  • Second Step - Opportunity
  • The Toasters - Shocker!
  • The Boilers - Brighter Days
  • Too True - Free S. Africa
  • Floor Kiss - Why Is the Boat So Small

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska Toast 9/10 Black (10,000) 15-20

East of Eden

Moon Records - Toast 11/Toast 12 LP, released 1986

Assigned "MR008" number in later Moon catalogues

This record is pretty scarce.  It's not particularly valuable...but it's rare!  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska Toast 11/12 Black 12-15

Playgrounds 'N Glass

Stickman Records ST.UB-05-2/ST.UB-05-3/ST.UB-05-4 CD/CS/LP, released 1992

Distributed by Moon Records (MR005)

Urban Blight was...somethin'.  I am told they were a lot of fun live.  I never saw them - I can neither confirm nor deny this.  Their recorded material is about the most '80s sounding ska music in history.  Even more so than 2-Tone era stuff.  This album was supposedly available on vinyl.  I have never seen a copy.  The CD surfaces on occasion.  I have read that this was catalogued with the MR005 number when it was distributed through Moon, but have never seen anything directly from Moon that said this.  If true, of course, it screws up the whole numbering system, as MR005 went to the re-press of the Toasters' Recriminations EP.  These are the things that keep record collectors up at night.

Version Approximate value ($)
Stickman ST.UB-05 Black 12-15


Moving Target MT11 CD/CS/LP, released 1987

Pork Pie EFA 04605-02 CD, released 1990 (Germany)

Moon Records MR013 CD/CS, released 1994

Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 002, released 1999

V.O.R. LP 213, released 2000 (Germany)

Megalith MEGA 002 CD, released 2003

Megalith ME 021 CD, released 2008

The Toasters' first full-length exploded onto the scene in 1987 (not onto The Scene - that would have been messy).  It was actually originally released on Moving Target Records.  In 2000, an additional vinyl version was released by V.O.R. in Germany.  Megalith Records re-pressed the CD in 2003, including the Pool Shark and Recriminations EPs, along with some additional bonus tracks.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moving Target MT11 Black 15-18
V.O.R. LP 213 Black 12-15
Pork Pie EFA 04605-02 CD 10-12
Moon MR013 CD 12-15
Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 002 CD 10-12
Megalith MEGA 002 CD 10-12
Megalith ME 021 CD 10-12
Moving Target MT11

On the Move

Moon Ska MR017 LP, released 1988

Pounding the Pavement

SKA' Records SKAR 004 LP, released 1988 (UK)

...And the NY Citizens descend upon you.  A lot has been written about this band over the last year or two.  There seems to be a fair amount of renewed interest in them.  This was their first album, released in two completely different forms.  The On the Move LP was the U.S. version, and the same set of tracks came out as Pounding the Pavement on SKA' records in the UK.  This is exactly the same record, but the UK version is harder to find.  The prices of NY Citizens records vary quite a bit with who happens to be looking at a given time.  Sometimes, they are auctioned at bargain basement prices, and at other points, they can be fairly expensive.  On the Move rarely goes over the $20 mark.  I have seen Pounding the Pavement reach into the high $30's, though.  Both are on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR017 Black 15-20
SKAR 004 Black 20-25
On the Move
Pounding the Pavement

Rockin' Steady

SKA' Records SKAR 005 LP, released 1988

Planned for release as Moon Records MR018 with the title "Tap It"

The Boilers were the first real King Django-led ska band.  This album was slated for release on Moon, but it just never happened.  The SKA' Records version did come out in the UK, albeit with one of the least-inspired album covers of all time ("It's like, how much more black could this possibly be?  And the answer is none.  None more black.").  As it never actually came out stateside, it is fairly difficult to find, and can command a sizable price tag.  You might happen upon it for less at some point, but the $30 range is fairly normal.  It has never been re-released.

Version Approximate value ($)
SKA' SKAR 005 Black 20-30


Moon Records MR019 LP, released 1988

Skaface is a great comp.  It was a landmark comp.  Most of the best ska bands that existed at this time contributed in some way.  This one happens to carry the distinction of containing the first appearance of No Doubt...back when they mixed some ska in with everything else.  It can carry a moderate price tag (mainly because of that No Doubt factoid, I would imagine).  It is worth tracking down.

Track Listing:

  • The Toasters - Ska Killers
  • Bim Skala Bim - Shoes
  • Rhyth-o-matics - Skatalation
  • The Scofflaws - Rudy's Back
  • The Donkey Show - Feeling Nice
  • Let's Go Bowling - Bitch
  • The N.Y. Citizens - D.A.N.C.E.
  • Crucial DBC - Don't Run Away
  • No Doubt - Everything's Wrong
  • The Boilers - Bal'man Jump
  • Skankhead - Circus Skank
  • Thick as Thieves - 12th Street
  • Exterminators - Big Talker

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR019 Black 20-25

Stranger Things Have Happened

Moon Records Europe MRE020 LP, released 1990

Moon Records MR020 CS, released 1990

The NY Citizens' second full-length came out as MR020.  The vinyl was only produced in Europe, so it carries the "MRE" catalogue number.  This is usually a tough find for vinyl collectors.  I do not spend much time delving into cassettes, but the word on the street is the cassette version of this release is very difficult to find.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MRE020 Black 20-25

Thrill Me Up

Skaloid SKL8001 LP/CS/CD, released 1988/89

Moon Records Europe MRE021 LP, released 1990

Moon Records MR021 CS, released 1990

Moon Records MR021 CD, released 1995

Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 004, released 1999

The Toasters' Thrill Me Up album, much like Skaboom!, did not initially come out on Moon.  The first run of these was on Skaloid Records (the ska arm of Celluloid).  A couple of years later, a vinyl version appeared with different artwork.  This version was produced in Europe, and can be a challenging find.  Many subsequent CD versions have followed.  The Skaloid cassette came in two versions: one with a grey cassette shell (the U.S. version) and one with a black shell (made in Holland).  The black shell version is reportedly very rare.

Version Approximate value ($)
Skaloid SKL8001 Black 12-15
Moon MRE021 Black 18-20
Moon MR021 CD 10-12
Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 004 10-12
Skaloid SKL8001
Moon MRE021
Credits Charlie Leonard: Cassette information.

NYC Ska Live

Moon Records MR022 LP/CS, released 1990

The NYC Ska Live compilation has an inferiority complex about its older brothers, the NY Beat and Skaface compilations.  This one is also of monumental importance...just not quite as much as NY Beat.  It is what it appears to be...a compilation of live recordings of the era's finest New York ska bands.  There were three comps released by Moon around this time that were of the utmost importance to the scene.  This was the last of the three.  The vinyl shows up for sale with some regularity.  The cassette is a bit rarer.

Track Listing:

  • NYC Ska Craze Intro
  • Bigger Thomas - Moving
  • Bigger Thomas - Ska in My Pocket
  • Skadanks - Dancehall
  • Skadanks - Just Ska
  • The Steadys - Just Reflections
  • The Steadys - All You Can Stand
  • Skininerbox - Promise
  • Skininerbox - Move Like You're Gone
  • The Scofflaws - Going Back To Kingston
  • The Scofflaws - Aliskaba
  • N.Y. Citizens - Sticky Situation
  • N.Y. Citizens - National Front
  • The Toasters - Don't Say Forever
  • The Toasters - Worry
  • NYC Ska Allstars - Matt Davis

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR022 Black 15-20

This Gun For Hire

Moon Records MR023 LP/CS, released 1990

Moon Records MR023 CD/CS, released 1993

This Gun for Hire is a much more straightforward story than the previous Toasters albums.  It was on Moon from the start, and did not go through TOO many iterations.  The vinyl was black, and can be had for a relatively low price.  The cassette that came out in 1993 had different UPC info from previous releases.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR023 Black 12-15
Credits Charlie Leonard: Cassette information.

Dance Hall Crashers

Moon Records Europe MRE024 LP, released 1991

Moon Records MR024 CS, released 1991


Moon Records MR024 CD, released 1993

The Old Record

Honest Don's Records DON 002-1 LP, released 1996

Here we go.  This one is mildly complicated.  The inaugural Dance Hall Crashers album is extremely difficult to find on vinyl.  It took me a year to confirm that the vinyl even existed.  Like some of the other vinyl on moon at this time, it was only produced in Europe.  All of the records that fit that description are difficult to find, but this one is by far the toughest.  Domestically, it was pressed as a cassette.  However, there were two different artwork variations for the cassette version (I cannot confirm this firsthand, as I only have one of the two).  The version of the DHC theme song that is on this release is exclusive to this version.  The later, more common one was a different recording entirely.

Now...a couple of years went by, and Moon released the "1989-1992" CD.  This is different from the original self-titled release - it is an anthology of the first few years of Dance Hall Crashers.  They changed the cover from yellow to green and added several tracks (which mostly came from compilation releases).  The CD has a production flaw in it - there is a gap in the middle of the DHC theme song.  This disc actually became one of the more sought after early-ish Moon releases during the height of the third wave.  It went out of print right around when the band's popularity took off.  I had to pay a hefty sum for my copy when I did successfully track it down.  The CD has become easier to find as time has gone on and online shopping outlets have become more prevalent.  It is still pretty scarce, though.

But wait, there's more!  Honest Don's Records came out with a new vinyl version in 1996.  Titled "The Old Record," this release recreated the track listing from the 1989-1992 CD, not that of the original release.  The arrival of this version also significantly reduced the demand for the Moon CD.  It is still very easy to procure, and is on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MRE024 LP Black 30-40
Moon MR024 CD 20-25
Honest Don's DON 002-1 12-15
Dance Hall Crashers
The Old Record

Bigger Thomas

ELI CS, released 1989

Distributed by Moon (MR025CS)

The Bigger Thomas cassette was self-released and distributed by Moon.  The band later included these tracks on an anthology CD.  Get your Google on and you can find the CD.  The cassette is scarce.

Version Approximate value ($)
ELI CS 12-15

Somebody Scream!

Self-released CS, released 1989

Distributed by Moon (MR026CS)

Public Service?!  Rampant abuse of punctuation in this band name.  I am not amused.  This band makes MS Word's Grammar Checker twitch.  While they were ever-present during the third wave, this cassette was the only album of theirs that had anything to do with Moon (and, even in this case, it was distribution).  Not an easy find.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR026 CS 12-15

Music To Bowl By

Moon Records MR027 CD/CS, released 1991

I will never forget that night...a close friend of mine bought a ska compilation that contained the Let's Go Bowling Theme Song.  It was the first I'd heard of them.  I found it ridiculously silly.  I basically declared that evening that ska was not my thing.  Look how that worked out.  Oops.  Remarkably, Let's Go Bowling is still rolling (ha ha).  They had their 25th anniversary show not all that long ago.  Crazy.  This was their first album, and was only available on CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR027 CD 6-8


Moon Records MR028 CD, released 1991

The Scofflaws invariably had more energy than I did.  I was always completely spent by the end of one of their shows.  Of course, they did tend to go on for 2-3 hours.  They never failed to impress, though.  This was their first album, and there is some excellent material on this one.  I always found "Rudy's Back" to be one of the more energizing songs of this era.  CD only.  There are two versions of the CD: one with a bar code and one without.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR028 CD 6-8
Credits Charlie Leonard: CD variant information.


Raw Energy CD RER 01, released 1991 (Distributed by Moon - MR029)

Cargo Records CARD 1024 CD, released 1991 (Canada)

Asian Man ASM-051 CD, released 2000

King Apparatus was the original home to Chris Murray, once known as Venice Shoreline Chris.  As soon as Chris went on a murderous rampage and took out the rest of his band, he went out on his own.  What?  No.  Canadians don't do those sorts of things!  I have heard conflicting reports about the release history for this one.  It came out in the U.S. on Raw Energy Records (which released most of the band's material).  The Canadian pressing of it was on Cargo.  It was later re-released on Asian Man.

Version Approximate value ($)
Raw Energy CD RER 01 10-12
Cargo CARD 1024 CD 10-12
Asian Man ASM-051 CD 8-10

Couch Potatoes

Weserlabel 2449 LP, released 1990 (Germany)

Moon Records Europe MRE030 LP, released 1990

Moon Records MR030 CD/CS, released 1990/91

The Busters.  Germany's answer to...everything.  That's why Europe's banks are failing...Germany hasn't sent in the Busters to work on the monetary policy.  As soon as we start hearing more from the Busters again, everything will be alright.  The Couch Potatoes album features a few Laurel Aitken appearances.  This is a good thing.  It was released on the German Weserlabel, but a version with a Moon catalogue number also came out (though the vinyl for this one was only produced in Europe).  The Weserlabel version is much easier to find than the Moon one.  Both are on black vinyl.  There are two versions of the cassette: one with a clear shell and another with a green shell.

Version Approximate value ($)
Weserlabel 2449 LP Black 12-15
Moon MRE030 LP Black 20-25
Weserlabel 2449
Moon MRE030
Credits Charlie Leonard: Cassette information.

California Ska-Quake

Moon Records MR031 CD, released 1992

Contains the Hepcat track "Ooh Ooh A-Hi Hi"

This earlier Moon Records CD compilation was the first good collection to give a snapshot of the burgeoning California ska scene.  There were several important New York comps on the market by this point, but this was the first good California one.  It contains an exclusive Hepcat track (a great one...which eventually became not exclusive to this release, as it ended up as a hidden track at the end of the remastered version of their Out of Nowhere album).  The comp also provided an interesting look at early No Doubt.  Jump With Joey, Dance Hall Crashers, and Let's Go Bowling all make appearances.  It was only released in CD form.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR031 CD 12-15

Out of Nowhere

Moon Ska MR032 CD/CS, released 1993/1995

Hellcat 80425-2 CD, released 2004

Hepcat sprang forth from the L.A. ska scene and quickly became one of the third wave bands with the greatest depth of sound, not to mention one of the most entertaining live shows.  Out of Nowhere was a great debut.  The production could be better, but the songs shine through.   It was only ever released on CD, but it did come out several times.  The first pressing can be identified by the earlier Moon Records logo on the front cover.  This was later replaced by the Moon Ska logo on the 1995 pressing.  The cassette version also exists with each of the two Moon logos.  Hellcat later put out a remastered version with different artwork.  That version contains the tracks from the Nigel 7".  There are also two hidden tracks at the end of "Club Mediation." One of them is "Doo Wop Heaven at Midnight" - basically Hepcat screwing around in the studio.  The other is "Ooh Ooh A-Hi Hi" from the California Ska-Quake compilation.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR032 CD (1st) 15-20
Moon Ska MR032 CD (2nd) 12-15
Hellcat 80425-2 CD 10-12
Credits Charlie Leonard: Cassette information.

New York Fever

Moon Records MR033 CD, released 1992

Pork Pie Records EFA 04090-08 LP/EFA 04090-26 CD, released 1992 (Germany)

Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 003 CD, released 1999

Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 005 CD, released 1999

New York Fever was initially released as a Moon CD.  This one contained a particularly useful Moon catalogue (namely, the one in which they tried to assign MR numbers to all of the releases with Toast numbers).  The vinyl later appeared on Germany's Pork Pie Records with different artwork.  It can be a minor challenge to find the vinyl, but it is out there.  I have seen it a few times.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Pork Pie EFA 04090-08 LP Black 18-20
Moon MR033 CD 12-15
Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 003 12-15
Moon Ska Europe MOON CD 005 12-15

Chaos in Skaville

Moon Records MR034 CS, released 1991

This was a cassette-only release.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR034CS 10-12


Self-released CD, released 1992 (Distributed by Moon - MR035)

Re-released on CD Baby, 2003

I will admit up front that I may have some details wrong on this one.  Regatta 69 self-released its first album, which was distributed by Moon.  This much we know.  I never followed the band that closely, though, so I never owned this disc.  I am not even 100% sure that the artwork above is the correct artwork from the original release.  CD Baby re-released it (digitally, from what I can gather).  I can say that the original release is not commonly available.

Version Approximate value ($)
Self-released CD 12-15

Dead or Alive

Moon Records MR036 CD/CS, released 1991

Weserlabel 2457 CD/CS/LP, released 1991 (Germany)

Revenge of the Busters.  This was released on both Moon and Weser Label, but Weser Label was the only one to release it on vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR036 CD 6-8
Weserlabel 2457 CD 10-12
Weserlabel 2457 LP 12-15

Happy Happy Happy

Athabaska STU001 LP, released 1991 (Australia)

Distributed by Moon (MR037)

I hear the same thing over and over about the Allsorts - "one of the most underrated bands of the third wave."  This album is fairly hard to find, mainly because it was an Australian release, and only distributed by Moon.

Version Approximate value ($)
Athabaska STU001 LP Black 20-25

Big Step

Moon Records MR038 CD/CS, released 1992

Ruder than You.  Big Step.  Cassette and CD.  That's all I've got.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR038 CD 6-8

Comply CD

Slug Tone! ST-009, released 1996

This disc came out on the Tasters' Slug Tone Records, distributed by Moon.  It came out after Oolooloo and Strapped Live!, and that the material within mostly represented the period between Oolooloo and their jump to Hellcat.  It was the first time that the Pietasters really moved toward the soul sound and away from ska.  They didn't have it down yet at this point, but were getting there.  Also, there were multiple versions.  The original one was limited to 2000 copies, hand-numbered, and signed by the whole band.  It was also sold with a t-shirt.  The Comply title only appears on the spine of the CD case.  The artwork was printed on plain paper and folded up to create the insert.  This version lists both Moon Ska and Slug Tone on the back of the case. 

A couple of years later, the Pietasters found more copies, and started offering them for sale.  These new ones did have the Comply title on the covers and were not signed or numbered.  These copies made no mention of Moon Ska on the artwork - they were exclusively Slug Tone.  The insert for this version was much more professionally done that the initial version.  I always thought that the band must have had more CDs produced.  However, I compared the discs for the two different versions, and all of the production markings are identical.  The band may have just redone the artwork for the re-release.  Both versions are now quite scarce.  Fortunately, the material from this one was released on the 1992-1996 Pietasters Anthology.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Slug Tone ST-009 CD (1st - no'd, autographed) 25-35 Up
Slug Tone ST-009 CD (2nd) 20-25 Up

Mixed Nuts

Moon Ska MR040 CD, released 1994

This was right around the time that legal issues got in the way of the Moon Records name, and the label had to become Moon Ska.  I do not know the exact release for which the change happened, but it was right around this time.  This one was only available on CD.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR040 CD 6-8


Moon Ska MR041 2xCD, released 1994

Contains the Slackers track "Sister Sister"

The Slackers track that appears on the Skarmageddon compilation was also on their original demo tape.  It is a song from their pre-Slackers days as the Nods (the Nods CD, released years after the fact, is worth finding).  This marked the Slackers' first appearance on Moon.  CD only.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR041 2xCD 6-8

Big Daddy Multitude

Moon Records MR042/MP 42 CD, released 1993, re-pressed 1996

Asbestos Records ASB040 LP/7", released 2008

I interviewed a good number of bands in the late 90's, and few people were as genuinely good to me as Dave from Mustard Plug.  Mustard Plug is a fun band.  I always enjoyed seeing them play.  They only have a couple of songs ever made it into my top ranks, but the overall package is thoroughly entertaining.  Big Daddy Multitude was their first full album.  There may have been a version of it that existed prior to the Moon release.  I cannot confirm that.  The Moon Ska one has an "MP 42" catalogue number along the edge of the case, which I assume was just them playing with the "MR" number and using "MP" for Mustard Plug.  Years later (2008), Asbestos Records decided to issue the album on vinyl for the first time.  There were some very limited versions of it released.  I have not decided to track those down yet...perhaps someday...

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR042 CD 10-12
Asbestos ASB040 Black LP/Yellow 7" (100) 15-18
Asbestos ASB040 Clear LP/Black 7" (125) 15-18
Asbestos ASB040 White LP/White 7" (250) 12-15
Asbestos ASB040 Yellow LP/Black 7" (500) 12-15

Dub 56 CD

Moon Ska MR043 CD/CS, released 1994 (twice)

Pork Pie Records EFA 04608-02 CD, released 1994 (Germany)

Dojo Records DOJO CD 214, released 1995 (UK)

Jimco Records JICK-89601, released 1995 (Japan)

Pork Pie Records EFA 05638-02 CD, released 2000 (Germany)

Satellite K/Megalith Europe SATKCD041/ME002 2xCD, released 2005

Megalith Europe ME002 2xCD, released 2006

Megalith MEGA 020 2xCD, released 2006

Dub 56 is one of the most famous Toasters albums.  It has a long, winding, screwy story behind it.  The first version that was released contained some tracks that were written/sung by Coolie Ranx, later of Pilfers fame.  However, he left the band shortly after the album came out, and Moon decided to repackage the album minus Coolie's contributions, but with some bonus tracks (from the Live in L.A. CD...which we will get to shortly).  The resulting CD ended up being the most commonly available version.  The disc has now been re-released many times over, in many different forms, with all kinds of bonus tracks along the way.  The Megalith versions contain the Recrimintations EP and the Pool Shark EP, among other things.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR043 CD 12-15
Moon MR043 CD w/ Bonus Tracks 10-12
Pork Pie EFA 04608-02 CD (Germany) 10-12
DOJO CD 214 (UK) 10-12
Jimco JICK-89601 CD (Japan) 10-12
Pork Pie EFA 05638-02 CD (Germany) 10-12
Satellite K (SATKCD041)/ Moon Ska Europe ME002 2xCD 10-12
Megalith Europe ME002 2xCD 10-12
Megalith MEGA 020 2xCD 10-12


Moon Ska MR044 CD, released 1995

CD-only mid-90s Moon Ska release.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR045 CD 5-8

Live in L.A.

Moon Ska MR045 CD, released 1994

This is a pretty rare piece.  The Live in L.A. disc was pretty limited, and is very difficult to come by these days.  The tracks were included on the second version of the Dub 56 album.  A few records notwithstanding, this is one of the rarest pieces of Toasters music out there now.  No artwork - just the disc for this one.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR045 CD 18-25


No Record Co. MU01 CD, released 1993 (Distributed by Moon Ska - MR046)

Asian Man AM007 LP/CD, released 1997

MU330 was one of the more popular ska-punk bands that never appeared on the commercialized side of things.  In the late 90s, a few ska-punk type bands broke through and were on the radio every hour or so.  MU330 has had a solid following over the years, but never made that jump.  This album was initially released as a CD distributed by Moon Ska, and was later re-pressed by Asian Man.  There were two covers to the Asian Man CD - one with red lettering (like the Moon Ska predecessor) and one with yellow.  Asian Man also put it out on (black) vinyl for the first time.  It is still readily available.

Version Approximate value ($)
No Record Co. MU01 CD 12-15
Asian Man AM007 LP 15-20

Crackin' Porcelain

One Wipe 90001-2 CD/CS, released 1993/94 (Distributed by Moon - MR047)

The Mudsharks were pretty loud.  They had a couple of good moments.  This album was actually not released on Moon Ska, but they distributed it as MR047.

Version Approximate value ($)
One Wipe 90001-2 CD 12-15

Go You!

Moon Ska MR048 CD, released 1994

The Allstonians made some serious rounds during the third wave.  They always seemed to be touring.  They gave you your money's worth, too...I don't think I ever saw a show of theirs that lasted less than two and a half hours.  There was a big running joke with them...their classic song, "B-Train to Allston," which actually only appeared on a compilation, was a fan favorite.  The band would never really play it, though.  I remember seeing the band's newsletter or something, in which they actually kept statistics on how often they played the song (which was very infrequent).  Go You! was their first album, only available in CD form.  They supposedly modeled this one after the Skatalites' seminal Stretching Out reunion effort.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR048 CD 6-8


Moon Ska MR050 CD, released 1994

This is a pretty limited release, brought to us by Neville Staple of the Specials.  No artwork - just the CD.  I have seen it for sale a couple of times, but it is pretty scarce these days.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR050 CD 15-20
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