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Dr. Ring Ding and the Senior All-Stars

No Reason for Season b/w Your Sympathy 7"

Moon Ska MR146, released 1998

This one is an interesting collector's piece.  It is actually just about the hardest Moon Ska record to find.  The Dr. Ring-Ding 7" was the final piece of vinyl released on Moon Ska before the label went under.  This is probably why it is so scarce...anyone I know who has a copy got it via mailorder right after it came out.  Moon Ska closed up shop, and that was it.  Most copies of this record likely ended up in a dumpster on east 10th Street.  I know of very few copies that are in circulation.  It is extremely scarce, and took me multiple years to track one down.

Now...let's talk about the actual record, shall we?  This was another piece in the "Open Season" battle.  Dr. Ring Ding's contribution came after the Hepcat response and the Skinnerbox rebuttal.  Good times.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR146 Black 40-50
Sleeve Plain White Paper Sleeve
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