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Nihon Ska Dansu: Land Of The Rising Ska

Moon Ska MR117 CD, released 1997

Skaville Japan Vol. 1

Phalanx PXLP-010/PX-010 CD, released 1997 (Japan)

This compilation of Japanese ska (J-Ska) bands first came out as Skaville Japan Vol. 1, exclusively in Japan.  The Moon Ska version came shortly therefater.  There are a few differences between the two.  The U.S. CD contains tracks from three bands that do not appear on the Japanese one: the Cokehead Hipsters, Young Punch, and Duck Missile.  The Japanese CD contained a hidden track - a live version of "Alone in Summer Place" by the Drops (a great song, but a terrible recording of it.  The LP has a different Drops track - their version of "Shame and Scandal." This compilation showed the world that there was something good going on in Japan's ska underworld.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon Ska MR117 CD 6-8
Phalanx PXLP-010 Black 12-15
Phalanx PX-010 CD 12-15
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