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Maximum Perversion

Moon Ska MR555 CD, released 1997

I found the second Mephiskapheles album to be far less interesting than the first. Actually, I found it unlistenable. That's just my opinion, though. You are free to have your own. They chose MR-555 for the catalogue number for this one. It didn't fit into the numbering scheme the way their previous album did. If there had been a number reserved for it in the standard numbering, it would have been either MR-116 or MR-121 (based entirely on the release date). It only came out on CD.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Moon Ska MR555 CD 6-8 Stable

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Scarcity Score Definition
10 Near impossible: Fewer than 50 copies or publicly sold every few years
8-9 Very rare: 50-199 copies or publicly sold 1-2 times per year
6-7 Rare: 200-499 copies or publicly sold a few times a year
4-5 Medium: 500-999 copies or publicly sold ~10 times a year
1-3 Common: 1000+ copies, readily available, or publicly sold 20+ times a year

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