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The NY Citizens

On the Move

Moon Ska MR017 LP, released 1988

Pounding the Pavement

SKA' Records SKAR 004 LP, released 1988 (UK)

...And the NY Citizens descend upon you.  A lot has been written about this band over the last year or two.  There seems to be a fair amount of renewed interest in them.  This was their first album, released in two completely different forms.  The On the Move LP was the U.S. version, and the same set of tracks came out as Pounding the Pavement on SKA' records in the UK.  This is exactly the same record, but the UK version is harder to find.  The prices of NY Citizens records vary quite a bit with who happens to be looking at a given time.  Sometimes, they are auctioned at bargain basement prices, and at other points, they can be fairly expensive.  On the Move rarely goes over the $20 mark.  I have seen Pounding the Pavement reach into the high $30's, though.  Both are on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
Moon MR017 Black 15-20
SKAR 004 Black 20-25
On the Move
Pounding the Pavement
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