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So Wound LP

Sub Pop SP350, released June 1996

Jale's second and final full length release. So Wound is a much more polished recording than anything the band had done prior. I consider a few songs to be throwaways, but there are still a great deal of very good tracks on the album. It has a ghost track at the end ("Sorry Sentimental"), which is not on the Japanese version. In place, there are five bonus tracks: the versions of "Promise" and "3 Days" from the Sub Pop Cut 7", "Jesus Loves Me" from the Closed EP, along with "Leave It Alone" and "Coincidence" (which were otherwise only available on the UK "Hey Hey" CD single). As far as I know, the only vinyl was black.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP350 Black 8-10 2 Stable

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