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SP235 Jale

Cut 7" - Promise b/w 3 Days

Sub Pop SP235, released 1993
Sub Pop SP126/309 (Germany)

This was Jale's first solo Sub Pop effort.  Very good.  The U.S. version was on black vinyl - supposedly a press run of 1500.  The European version can be found on red, blue, and yellow vinyl.  The European one was a total press run of 1000, but it was not an even split between the three colors.  The red one is by far the most common.  The blue is scarce, but can be found, and the yellow is a difficult find.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP235 Black (1500) 5-8
SP126/309 Red 5-8
SP126/309 Blue 12-15
SP126/309 Yellow 18-20
Sleeve Full glossy
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