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13 Soda Punx LP

Top Drawer TDRU-8 CD, released 1995

Munster MR 077 LP

Includes the Sicko track "Pain in the Ass"

Solid compilation released on Top Drawer, with the vinyl rights licensed to Munster.  There is some really good stuff on here in addition to the Sicko track.  There's a great cover of the Cars' "Best Friend's Girl" on here done by Cub.  I never got the connection between Cub and Sicko, but apparently, the bands were close.  Maybe it was the bond from being pacific northwest bands running their own labels outside of the grunge scene.  Sicko covered Cub's "Little Star," and Cub covered Sicko's "fB Song" at one point as well.  This comp was the only place to find this version of "Pain in the Ass" until the Brief History of Sicko CD came out.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
MR 077 Black Vinyl 12-15
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