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A Brief History of Sicko

Mutant Pop MP-518 CD, released 2000

Neatly wrapping up Sicko's run as a full-time band was this Mutant Pop CD, released in 2000. It contained a lot of the tracks that the band had released only on singles or compilations, along with a recording of their final show from 1998 in Seattle. It's a great disc, and it brought some closure to the seemingly abrupt end to the band. It came with an extensive set of liner notes, giving you as many details as you could possibly want about the 32 tracks within. This CD has become rather scarce in recent years - it seems to be sold only 1-2 times per year now. The price is low when it is sold, though, so if you keep an eye out, you can probably get one without too much pain.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
MP-518 CD 8-12 6 Stable

This page was last updated on February 9, 2020.

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Scarcity Score Definition
10 Near impossible: Fewer than 50 copies or publicly sold every few years
8-9 Very rare: 50-199 copies or publicly sold 1-2 times per year
6-7 Rare: 200-499 copies or publicly sold a few times a year
4-5 Medium: 500-999 copies or publicly sold ~10 times a year
1-3 Common: 1000+ copies, readily available, or publicly sold 20+ times a year

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