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V/A - Colorado Krew III 2x7"

Disc 1:Keep in Mind - Yours/Dogbite - Verge of Nothing b/w Again - Bradin Full On/Jun County - Pick Your Brain

Disc 2: The Fluid - Don't Wanna Play/Hobbledhoy - Turn Back the Clock b/w Acid Pigs - White Lie/Warlock Pinchers - Confrontation Yeah! Yeah!

Donut Crew DCR007/DCR008, released 1990

This was a local Colorado compilation that seems to have made its way everywhere.  I have seen this record in every corner of the globe.  It's truly remarkable.  It says it is a pressing of 1000, but I think that was just the version with the black sleeve.  The ones with red sleeves definitely appear to be from a later pressing.  The labels are different and the insert contains an updated catalogue.  If I had to guess, I would say that there are substantially more red sleeve copies out there than black ones.

Anyway, the second disc contains a version of the Fluid song "Don't Wanna Play" that is different from the one that appears on Freak Magnet.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Donut Crew DCR007/DCR008 - Black Sleeve 3-5 Stable
Donut Crew DCR007/DCR008 - Red Sleeve 3-5 Stable
Sleeve Paper foldover

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