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Hollywood HR-61445-1, released 1993

The Fluid made the jump to the majors in 1993, probably a year or two too late.  Purplemetalflakemusic, the longtime publishing name of the band's songs, was the title of their Hollywood Records debut (and, sadly, swan song).  I consider this to be their best album.  I think it was not promoted well at all, despite four promo singles (three cds, one 7") being released.  There were three or four songs on the album that were quite commercially accessible, but they were not the ones that were chosen as singles.  I digress.  Hollywood put out a vinyl version of the album on purple vinyl that is somewhat difficult to come by.  I got it years ago at a random store in Tokyo.  It sold for over $50 on eBay in 2007.  I found this surprising.  I think $20-25 is a much more likely selling price if you want to track it down.  

Some (all?) of the U.S. cds came with a limited edition purple metal flake sticker.  The Japanese version of the cd had a bonus track ("Cell"), which also appears on the Spot the Loon EP and the Pill promo cd.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Hollywood HR-61445-1 15-20 Stable

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