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Fishbone Singles

? (Modern Industry)

U.S. 12" - Columbia 44-05223, released 1985

U.S. 7" Promo - Columbia 38 04922, released 1985

U.S. 12" Promo - Columbia CAS 2076, released 1985

Fishbone's debut.  I would love to hear the reasoning behind making this song the first Fishbone single.  Really?  This song?  Was the thinking just that since they mentioned a bunch of radio station call letters, it would get airplay?  In the modern major label world, this would have been released, and then the label would have instantly pulled its support from the rest of the album.  But, this was the music world of 1985.  This song was released as a 12" single and in promo form (both 12" and 7").  It should be rare, but is relatively easy to find in all forms.  The 7" has the same song on both sides, the promo 12" contains a dance mix, and the official (sorry - that's "ofishal", really, it is...) 12" gives you the dance mix plus a dub mix.

Version Approximate value ($)
Columbia 44-05223 12" 10-12
Columbia 38-04922 7" 5-8
Columbia CAS 2076 12" 10-12
CAS 2076
Sleeve U.S. 12" - Plain black
U.S. 7" - plain white
UK 12" - Full paper sleeve

Party at Ground Zero

U.S. 12" - Columbia 44 05326, released 1985

UK 12" - CBS TX 6544, released 1985

UK 7" - CBS A 6544, released 1985

Japan 12" - CBS/Sony 12AP 3167, released 1985

Alright, here we go.  Party at Ground Zero is one of the most important ska singles of the post-2Tone era.  It was the some of the first real groundwork for the whole third wave of ska.  The Toasters were already active in New York, but Fishbone had much more widespread mainstream access to the public.  A major label contract will do that for you.  Anyway, I love this song.  I will always love this song.  There was a music video - it was silly.  Go look it up on YouTube.  I'll wait.  The sleeve from the U.S. and Japanese 12"s feature a whole bunch of screen shots from the video.  The 12"s contain some interesting remixes of the title track, along with a good alternate version of Skankin' to the Beat (alternate to the version found on the Say Anything... soundtrack).

Version Approximate value ($)
Columbia 44 05326 12" 10-12
CBS TX 6544 12" (UK) 12-15
CBS A 6544 7" (UK) 5-8
CBS/Sony 12AP 3167 12" (Japan) 15-20
Columbia 44 05326
CBS A 6544
CBS/Sony 12AP 3167
Sleeve U.S. 12" - Full P/S
UK 12" - Full P/S
UK 7" - Full paper P/S
Japan 12" - Full P/S

When Problems Arise

U.S. 12" - Columbia 44 05984, released 1986

Japan 12" - CBS/Sony 12AP 3295, released 1986

Australia 12" - CBS 650820 6, released 1986

I thought there were far better songs on the In Your Face album that could have become singles.  I don't get paid to make these decisions, though.  This promo single contained several mixes of the title track.

Version Approximate value ($)
Columbia 44 05984 12" 5-8
CBS/Sony 12AP 3295 12" (Japan) 15-18
CBS 650820 6 12" (Australia) 15-18
Columbia 44 05984
CBS/Sony 12AP 3295
Sleeve U.S. 12" - Full P/S
Japan 12" - Full P/S

It's a Wonderful Life

U.S. LP - Columbia 4C 44097, released 1987

Netherlands LP - CBS 651276 6, released 1987

Japan CD - Sony SRCS 5741, released 1992

This was a fun EP.  Christmas in the style of Fishbone.  The title track is actually based on the events of the movie of the same name.  The U.S. vinyl is very easy to find.  The Dutch version is a bit more difficult, but not too tough.   The only CD version of the EP came out in Japan.  The tracks were also included with those from In Your Face in Europe to form the later Fishbone LP (which, of course, is a different self-titled album from their first EP.  I know.  They confuse us on purpose).  The tracks also later appeared on the Fishbone 101 Anthology.

Version Approximate value ($)
Columbia 4C 44097 8-10
CBS 651276 6 (Europe) 12-15
Columbia 4C 44097
CBS 651276 6
Sleeve Full sleeve

One Day

Netherlands 7" - CBS 652840 7, released 1988

The One Day 7" only came out in Europe.  I actually did not know that it existed for many years.  It can be very difficult to find.  It may be the most difficult of Fishbone's singles to track down.

Version Approximate value ($)
CBS 652840 7 7" 15-20
Sleeve Full paper P/S

Freddie's Dead

U.S. Promo 7" - Columbia 38-08500, released 1988

Netherlands 7" - CBS 652882 7, released 1988

UK 7" - Epic FSH 1, released 1988

U.S. Promo 12" - Columbia 44 08172, released 1988

UK 12" - Epic FSHT 1, released 1988

UK 12" Picture Disc - Epic FSHP 1, released 1988

UK Promo 12" - Columbia XPR 1384, released 1988

Canada 12" - Columbia 12CXP 08172, released 1988

Japan CD - CBS/Sony 12Ep 8025, released 1988

This is where things get more challenging.  There were lots of versions of the Freddie's Dead single.  Most of them contain various mixes of that song.  They are generally pretty easy to find.  The UK picture disc can occasionally take some work.  The Dutch 7" is also a bit tough to find at times.  The Japanese CD was a 3" single.

Version Approximate value ($)
Columbia 38-08500 7" 5-8
CBS 652882 7 7" (Netherlands) 5-8
Epic FSH 1 7" (UK) 5-8
Columbia 44 08172 12" 5-8
Epic FSHT 1 12" (UK) 10-12
Epic FSHP 1 12" Picture Disc (UK) 15-18
Columbia XPR 1384 12" (UK) 12-15
Columbia 12CXP 08172 12" (Canada) 12-15
CBS/Sony 12EP 8025 3" CD 12-15
Columbia 38-08500
Epic FSH 1
Columbia 44 08172
Epic FSHT 1
Epic FSHP 1
Columbia 12CXP 08172
Sleeve U.S. 7" - Plain Paper Columbia Sleeve
UK 7" - Full Paper
U.S. 12" - Plain black
UK 12" - Full Thick-stock paper P/S
UK 12" Picture Disc - Plain plastic
Canada 12" - Plain CBS Sleeve

Change b/w It's a Wonderful Life

Holland 7" - CBS 653119 7, released 1988

The "Change" 7" is generally a pretty tough one to find.  There were a whole bunch of singles for the Truth and Soul album.   Like the "One Day" 7", this single was never released outside of Europe.

Version Approximate value ($)
CBS 653119 7 7" 12-15
Sleeve Full paper P/S

Ma & Pa

UK 7" - Epic FSH 2, released 1989

Netherlands 7" - CBS 654746 7, released 1989

UK 12" - Epic FSH T2, released 1989

Ma & Pa - whenever Fishbone did ska, good things happened.  This one came out as a UK single in both 12" and 7" forms.  There was also a Dutch 7".

Version Approximate value ($)
Epic FSH 2 7" 8-10
CBS 654746 7 7" 12-15
Epic FSH T2 12" 10-12
Epic FSH 2
Epic FSH T2
Sleeve UK 7" - Full Paper P/S
Dutch 7" - Full Paper P/S
UK 12" - Full Cardboard P/S


U.S. Promo LP - Columbia CAS 1416 S1, released 1989

I always thought this promotional EP should be worth more than it has been.  Live versions of half of the tracks from Truth and Soul with interview clips interspersed, all exclusive to this record.  Plus, it can take some effort to find.   Yet, it has never sold for very much.  It is a good one to hear, and features a sound that was very specific to the Fishbone of this time period.

Version Approximate value ($)
Columbia CAS 1416 S1 15-18
Sleeve Plain black die-cut sleeve

He's a Flyguy

U.S. 7" - Arista AS1-9806, released 1989

U.S. 12" - Arista ADP-9812, released 1989

Curtis Mayfield and Fishbone - a natural match.  This song came about as part of the I'm Gonna Git You Sucka soundtrack.  It was one of the final new Curtis Mayfield releases before his tragic stage accident in 1990.  The single came out in both 7" and promo 12" form.

Version Approximate value ($)
Arista AS1-9806 7" 6-8
Arista ADP-9812 12" 10-12
Arista AS1-9806
Arista ADP-9812
Sleeve U.S. 7" - Full Paper P/S
U.S. 12" - White Cardboard Sleeve w/ Label Attached

Peter Gabriel/Fishbone Split 7"

In Your Eyes b/w Skankin' to the Beat

U.S. 7" Promo - WTG 31-68936, released 1989

Fishbone plays a prominent role in the movie "Say Anything..."  Cusack is wearing a Fishbone t-shirt for just about every important moment in the movie.  "Skankin' to the Beat" is playing in the movie during the iconic party scene, which I have always found endlessly entertaining.  This single gives you the two most important songs in the movie.  It's not hard to track down, but is easier to find when you search under Peter Gabriel.  Some copies come with jukebox labels.

Version Approximate value ($)
31-69936 7" 5-8
Sleeve U.S. 7" - Plain white paper

Bonin' in the Boneyard - Set the Booty up Right

U.S. 12" Promo - Columbia CAS 2235, released 1990

Netherlands 12" - CBS 467725 1, released 1990

U.S. CD - Columbia 44K 73549, released 1990

We're still goin'...another single from Truth and Soul.  This EP contained several previously unreleased songs, along with remixes of the title track.  Worth tracking down.  It came out in CD form in addition to the two 12"s listed here.

Version Approximate value ($)
CAS 2235 12" 10-12
European 12" 10-12
CAS 2235
CBS 467725 1 (Netherlands)
Sleeve U.S. 12" - Black Cardboard Sleeve w/ Label Attached

Sunless Saturday

U.S. 12" Promo - Columbia CAS 3082, released 1991

Netherlands 7" - Columbia 656984 7, released 1991

U.S. CD - Columbia 44K 73688, released 1991

Sunless Saturday was released as a teaser for the Reality of My Surroundings Album.  All versions contain the exclusive "Fishy Swa Ska" track.  The 12" and cd also contain another exclusive track, "Understand Me."

Version Approximate value ($)
656984 7 7" 8-10
CAS 3082 12" 10-12
656984 7
CAS 3082
Sleeve U.S. 12" - Black Cardboard Sleeve w/ Label Attached
Dutch 7" - Full glossy P/S

Everyday Sunshine/Fight the Youth

UK 12" Promo - Columbia XPR 1796, released 1991

Netherlands 12" - Columbia 658193 6, released 1992

Netherlands 7" - Columbia 658193 7, released 1992

Alright, this is where things get really screwy.  This and the next entry could be either one, two or three separate entries, depending on how you look at it.  I have chosen to break it into two, mainly because the picture disc does not contain "Everyday Sunshine."  The three versions outlined on this page all feature both "Everyday Sunshine" and "Fight the Youth" - basically as a double single.  In fact, the two versions with picture sleeves have both tracks right on the fronts of the sleeves.  The other one gives you "Fight the Youth" before "Everyday Sunshine," and was released before the others, but I am comfortable listing them together.  The 7" contains, oddly enough, 7" versions of both songs.

Version Approximate value ($)
Columbia XPR 1796 Promo 12" 12-15
Columbia 658193 6 12" 10-12
Columbia 658193 7 7" 8-10
Columbia XPR 1796
Columbia 658193 6
Columbia 658193 7
Sleeve UK 12" - Plain Black Sleeve
Holland 12" - Full P/S
Holland 7" - Full glossy P/S

Fight the Youth Live

Netherlands 12" - Columbia 658193 8, released 1992

Following closely behind the Everyday Sunshine/Fight the Youth singles was this 12" picture disc.  It contains similar artwork and a similar catalogue number to those singles, but a very different set of tracks.  First off, "Everyday Sunshine" does not appear on this one.  Also, the tracks on here are live versions.  It is pretty easy to find.

Version Approximate value ($)
Columbia 658193 8 Picture Disc 12" 12-15
Sleeve Plain plastic


UK 12" Promo - XPR 1916, released 1993

U.S. 12" Promo - Columbia CAS 5252, released 1993

UK 7" Picture Disc - Columbia 659625 7, released 1993

UK Clear Vinyl 12" - Columbia 659625 6, released 1993

Beware - endless gimmicky packaging ahead.  There were many versions of the "Swim" single.  The first was the UK promo 12", which came out before the Give a Monkey a Brain album was released.  This was a one-sided record.  The other side is a fully etched image.  It is pretty cool-looking, actually.  Pictures don't do it justice.  The U.S. promo 12" is very normal in comparison to the other versions.  Basic black vinyl.  The other UK 12" came out on clear vinyl with an insert that serves as sort of a picture sleeve.  The 7" is actually a picture disc.  All formats contain various versions of "Swim."  When I first heard this song, I thought it was one of the worst songs I'd ever heard.  It is a grating single, not for mass consumption.  Somehow, things flipped for me, though.  At some point, I suddenly loved it.  I can't explain it.  It does have tremendous energy when played live.  I am sure that was part of it.  If you like the song, the singles are definitely worth finding.  Some of the alternate versions are a lot of fun.  There are also some cd versions of this single in addition to the vinyl ones laid out here.

Version Approximate value ($)
Columbia XPR 1916 Etched Promo 12" 10-12
Columbia CAS 5252 Promo 12" 8-10
Columbia 659625 7 7" Picture Disc 8-10
Columbia 659625 6 12" Clear 10-12
Columbia XPR 1796
Columbia CAS 5252
Columbia 659625 7
Columbia 659625 6
Sleeve UK Promo 12" - Plain black sleeve
U.S. Promo 12" - Plain white sleeve
UK 7" - Plain plastic
UK 12" - Plain plastic w/ color insert

Nuttsactor 5 Cassette

Straight Up Maskaraid/Black Box/Are U Wid It?

Self-produced cassette, released 1995

The band started selling this cassette at shows in 1995.  I am pretty sure I picked up my copy at the 1995 Irving Plaza show in NY where they ended up recording half of the Chim Chim's Badass Revenge album.  I don't think it's their finest work, but the cassette is the only place to find the studio versions of these tracks.  It is probably pretty difficult to find these days.

Version Approximate value ($)
Nuttsactor 5 Cassette 12-15

Fishbone/The Toasters Split 7"

Crazy Bald Heads b/w The Stage

U.S. 7" Promo - Island PR7 7624-7, released 1998

This was released as a promotional item in conjunction with the release of the fantastic Ska Island compilation.  Fishbone covers the Wailers and the Toasters do a song by the Tennors.  Both are excellent.

Version Approximate value ($)
PR7 7624-7 7" 5-8
Sleeve Plain white paper

The Friendliest Psychosis of All

Nuttsactor 5 723724375420 CD, released 2002

This was a three-track CD EP...I don't have much more to say about this one.  No vinyl versions.

Version Approximate value ($)
723724375420 CD 5-8
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