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In Your Face

In Your Face

U.S. LP - Columbia BFC 40333/C 40333, released 1986

Canada LP - Columbia FC 40333, released 1986

Australia LP - CBS 450073 1, released 1986 - UNCONFIRMED

Japan LP - CBS/Sony 28AP 3250, released 1986

In Your Face was a very good album.  It did not catch people off guard quite as much as the first album did.  I have been trying to put into words what makes this album difficult to listen to now, and I think I have finally done it.  The songs on here are great, but the band became so much better at playing them over time that the studio versions paled in comparison to the live ones at their peaks.  "Give It Up" is the most glaring example of this, but it applies to most of the album.  If you have ever heard a good live version of "Give It Up", you know what I am talking about.  The live version makes the studio recording sound as though it is a 45 being played at 33.  Anyway, it's still a classic album, but I always gravitate toward live performances when I want to hear these songs.

The exact story with the U.S. versions of In Your Face is still a bit hazy to me.  Each U.S. copy I have seen has the catalogue number BFC 40333 on the sleeve, but the labels on the record say C 40333.  There may be a version that has the C 40333 number on the sleeve.  Not sure at this point.  I have also found Japanese and Canadian versions of this record, and I have seen an Australian one listed.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Columbia BFC 40333/C 40333 5-10 Down
Columbia FC 40333 (Canada) 10-12 Down
CBS 28AP 3250 (Japan) 15-18 Stable
C 40333
FC 40333 (Canada)
28AP 3250 (Japan)
Sleeve Full sleeve
Japan Pressing: Full sleeve w/ fish-shaped sticker affixed

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