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Velocity Girl

Crazy Town b/w Creepy

Sub Pop SP179, released 1992

Sub Pop SP60/227 7" (Germany)

Sub Pop Europe SP61/228 12" (Germany)

At this juncture, Sub Pop was mostly pressing single colors of vinyl...except for this one.  The initial pressing was on green vinyl.  There are LOTS of these out there.  It is by far the most common.  Then, there are the exists on blue, yellow marble, clear, brown marble (often called "cola") and white vinyl.  The blue, yellow marble, and brownish ones show up every so often.  The clear one is a little rarer.  My clear copy has a little pink in it, which leads me to believe there may be pink copies floating around.  The white one seems to be the rarest.  My white copy has a slight yellowish tint to's more of an off-white or eggshell color.  I'd say probably 90% of the copies out there are on green, and the rest are on the other colors.

The European version is mostly (but not entirely) on green vinyl.  There is also a blue vinyl version out there.  It is much rarer.  Quite scarce.  The 12" also contains the song My Forgotten Favorite.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP179 Green 5
SP179 Blue 10-12
SP179 Yellow Marble 10-12
SP179 Brown Marble (Cola) 10-15
SP179 Clear 15-20
SP179 White 15-25
SP60/227 Green 5
SP60/227 Blue 15-20
SP61/228 Black 12-15
Sleeve Full glossy (U.S.)
Foldover paper (Ger)
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