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Velocity Girl


I Don't Care If You Go b/w Always (U.S.)

Slumberland DRYL 004, released August 1990

I Don't Care If You Go b/w Not At All (Australia)

Summershine shine 006, released 1990

The first real Velocity Girl single.  Bridget Cross on vocals.  The mail-order copies of the Slumberland version were on yellow vinyl.  Also released with a different (better) b-side on the Australian Summershine label.  Both used to go for a lot more money than they do today.  There are two versions of the Australian sleeve (see above).  The one with the logo in red is much more scarce.

Version Approximate value ($)
DRYL 004 Yellow 15-20
DRYL 004 Black 12-15
shine 006 Black 8-10
Sleeve Thick-stock paper foldover w/ insert (U.S.)
Paper foldover (Aus)
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