The Twilight Singers

Twilight as Played by The Twilight Singers

Columbia CK 63825 CD, released 2000 (U.S./Canada)
Columbia COL 500632 2 CD (Europe)

The demo version of this album had been floating around for years before it was finally unleashed on the marketplace. It was mostly recorded in 1997, prior to the Afghan Whigs album, 1965. It shows. Twilight was basically the goodbye before the rebirth of 1965. There were a couple of new songs recorded in 2000, and most of the existing 1997 songs were enhanced and remixed by Fila Brazillia prior to their release.

This album represented a very different sound from any other Dulli project, mainly due to the prominence of Shawn Smith and Harold Chichester. This project was a rocky one from the start. As Dulli once said in an interview, when you put three lead singers together in a studio, bad things happen. Dulli and Shawn Smith had a particularly bad falling out, and basically did not speak for a decade (well, at least, they had nothing to do with each other publicly until Smith made a guest appearance during a Dulli solo show in late 2007).

Dulli assembled a band for a brief tour to support the album, but ended up hating the tour and really never connecting with the band. That's a shame, because at the end of the day, this album contained a high concentration of truly beautiful songs.

Released exclusively on CD, because that's pretty much what was happening with major labels in 2000.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
ck 63825 CD (U.S. / Canada) 3-5 1 Stable
COL 500632 2 CD (Europe) 3-5 1 Stable

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