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My Way or the Highway

Teenbeat 259 (LP), released 1998

Elektra 62170-2 (CD)

Tuscadero's final album, released on Elektra in 1998.  This is a very good album.  It has some high points and lower points, but is excellent overall.  My only gripe was that the band never played most of the songs I liked most off of this album live.  My theory here is that Missy's voice could only handle performing a handful of songs in a given live performance that required her to seriously belt out lyrics, and that more than 3 or 4 of those in a set would be too taxing.  This is entirely conjecture.  Of course, those were the songs that always really jumped out at me, so naturally, I always wanted to hear more of them.  Anyway...Teenbeat had the rights to the vinyl for this album.  They pressed 1,000 copies, all of which were on black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Teenbeat 259 Black 8-10 Stable

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