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Teriyaki Asthma VII 7"

Contains the Tsunami track "Punk Means Cuddle"

C/Z CZ041, released 1992

It seemed fitting that one of the more important bands to the indie rock world appeared on one of the more influential compilation series.  The Teriyaki Asthma series is probably best known for releasing one of the first Nirvana tracks, but the series went on for some time after that.  Tsunami was on here, along with Poster Children, Hammerbox, and Superchunk.  The Tsunami track was re-released on the World Tour and Other Destinations collection.  The record was limited to 2500 copies, and I believe it only came out on black vinyl.  I have never seen a color vinyl version, but it would not surprise me if there were one - several of the records in this series had color vinyl versions.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
CZ041 Black 5-8 Stable
Sleeve Glossy Paper Foldover
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