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Velocity Girl/Tsunami Split 7" - Season's Greetings

Velocity Girl - Merry Christmas, I Love You b/w Tsunami - Could Have Been Christmas

Simple Machines SMR 014, released December 1992

Velocity Girl and Tsunami - together again...remember when there were a whole bunch of good bands in DC?  I do.  Red vinyl.  For some reason (possibly the oversized sleeve...), every copy I ever see of this record has had its sleeve beaten to hell.  There was also a later pressing of this record: the vinyl was the same, but it had a different silkscreened sleeve.  This version is harder to find, and there is some color variation between sleeves (see above).

Version Approximate value ($)
SMR 014 Red (1st Sleeve) 6-8
SMR 014 Red (2nd Sleeve) 8-10
Sleeve Thick-stock paper foldover
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