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This page is designed to chronicle the very short-lived careers of one of Rose Melberg's projects: Tiger Trap. I have done another, for Go Sailor, as well.  Between the two pages, we are talking about two separate bands, but everything listed here still only spans a three-year period (1992-95).  There was some great stuff in there.  There's a great discography page out there about all of Rose Melberg's projects.  I have opted to just focus on two of them.


Bratmobile/Tiger Trap Split 7"

Bratmobile - Throwaway b/w Tiger Trap - Words and Smiles

Four Letter Words FLW-008, released 1992

Tiger Trap's first appearance is, to this day, the toughest of their records to find.  Quite a debut...I don't know if something happened with these sleeves on the front end, but every one I have ever seen has either had a water stain on it or been very wrinkly.  Maybe it is because all of the sleeves were silk-screened onto normal paper.  I love how the sleeve says "two dollars do not pay more"...good luck with that.  I have seen two variations on the silk-screened sleeves.  They are identical except there appears to be a gold background added to one of them.  The ones with the gold are far less common, as far as I can tell.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
FLW-008 Black - Standard Sleeve 15-20
FLW-008 Black - Sleeve w/ Gold Background 20-25
Sleeve Paper full



Stars Kill Rock

Kill Rock Stars KRS207, released April 1993

Contains the Tiger Trap song "Supreme Nothing"

This compilation contains a (very good) version of "Supreme Nothing." Black vinyl Kill Rock Stars compilation.  The first pressing of this record has a hand-silkscreened sleeve.  It was hand-numbered in pencil (out of 808 copies).

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
KRS207 (Silkscreened Sleeve) 15-20 Stable
KRS207 9 Stable



Yo Yo Recordings YOYO 2, released April 1993

Contains the Tiger Trap song "Baby Blue"

There weren't too many copies of this YoYo comp released on vinyl.  There were purple marble and black copies made.

Version Approximate value ($)
YOYO 2 Purple Marble 20-25
YOYO 2 Black 15-20

Supercrush b/w You and Me/Hiding

K Records International Pop Underground IPU-36, released 1993

This was a three-song single that led up to Tiger Trap's first album.  "Hiding" is a really fun song.  "Supercrush" is a different version from the one that came out on the album.  "You and Me" is the same version.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
IPU-36 Black 10-12
Sleeve Paper foldover

Tiger Trap

K Records KLP 017, released 1993

Tiger Trap's only full-length album.  It's a good one.  The vinyl has become increasingly tough to find.  It can go for a few bucks these days.

Version Approximate value ($)
KLP 017 Black 25-35

Sourgrass 10" EP

K Records KLP 023, released 1993

Tiger Trap was just cranking out records for about a year there.  They quickly followed their only full-length album with this EP. It is pretty solid overall.  Black 10" vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($)
KLP 023 Black 20-25

The Tiger Trap & Henry's Dress Astronautical Music Festival

Tiger Trap - Alien Space Song b/w Henry's Dress - Feathers

Slumberland SLR 033, released February 1994

And just like that...Tiger Trap's brief career was done.  Before I started paying attention to these things, I could have sworn this was one of their earliest recordings.  I guess not.  It is definitely one of the tougher items of theirs to find.  Mail order copies were on powder blue marble vinyl.  The Slumberland discography says, "a very small quantity had hand-colored sleeves with a picture of Pete Townshend." The Pete Townshend sleeve is very difficult to find, but does exist.

Incidentally, I recently came across this picture:

Hmmm...what do you want to bet someone found this record in a thrift store and just had to use it for a sleeve?

Version Approximate value ($)
SLR 033 Powder Blue Marble 20-30
SLR 033 Black 15-20
SLR 033 Pete Townshend Sleeve 25-35
Test Pressing
Sleeve Paper foldover
Credits BJ: Pete Townshend Sleeve image

Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls Soundtrack LP

Planet Pimp PPR-009, released 1994

Includes the Tiger Trap track "Girl with the Guitar"

A reader clued me into this one...apparently, my Tiger Trap discography was not quite complete.  This mightilty bizarre soundtrack/tribute to the director contains a Tiger Trap song that was never released elsewhere.  It's a pretty good one, as well.  Fully worth tracking down.  Black vinyl.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
Planet Pimp PPR-009 Black 15-20 Stable
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