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The Reputation is my favorite band of the '00s, and it's not close. This is great stuff. Go get it. Go. I'll wait.

The Reputation

Initial Records IR49, released 2002

Elizabeth eventually got another band together, and this was the product. This album is freakin' fantastic. It is the best album to come out in the last decade. You cannot convince me otherwise. There I was, blithely going about my daily business, living an unenlightened Elmore-less existence. I was sitting at my computer in 2006 in Switzerland. I had my iTunes playlist on shuffle. Suddenly, the demo version of "For the Win" (from the Fields and Streams compilation) started playing. My head tilted a little in confusion. Then, I proceeded to listen to that song about 15 times in a row. My initial reaction to this album was that it sounded like the female subject of Greg Dulli's songs voicing her take on everything. It's really, really good. CD only.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Initial IR49 10 Stable

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To Force a Fate

Lookout LT0594CD, released 2004

The Reputation's 2004 follow-up to the S/T album does not pack as much of a punch as its predecessor, but it is still better than just about anything that's come out this decade. It doesn't seem like something that should have been on Lookout, but, then again...what does anymore? A solid release, only on CD.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Lookout LT0594CD 12 Stable

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Either Coast EP


Planned as Synesthetic Recordings SYRE 009

The vinyl story for the Reputation is largely about what didn't happen. This single was planned as a 2004 Norwegian release, and was supposed to have contained demo versions of three songs from the first Rep album. The single never came to fruition. I have confirmed that there was never even a test pressing made. What you see above was going to be the artwork, though.

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Let This Rest b/w Killing Word Split 7"

Lookout CP4404, released 2004

Right. Tracking this one down was maddening. Elizabeth Elmore told me it existed, but years passed before I had any other information about it. Then, out of nowhere, Haley Buckles contacted me through the site. Suddenly, game on...this was a red vinyl promotional split 7" that was pressed for a Red Stripe beer promotion. I have no idea how few of these were made, but I do know that it was really, really tough to track down. It was actually the only record featured on this site for which I had no concrete information. Fortunately, those days are gone. Whew.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
Lookout CP4404 Red 25-30 Stable
Credits Haley Buckles: All of the information you see above. She came up with a copy of this one. I did not even have pictures of it beforehand.

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