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Wolf's Law LP/CD

Atlantic/Canvasback 533001-1 LP / 534374-2 CD, released 2013 (U.S.)

Atlantic/Canvasback 7567-87617-9 LP / 7567-87325-1 CD, released 2013 (UK)

Atlantic/Canvasback 533001-1 / 075678761614 LP + 12" Deluxe Box Set, released 2013 (U.S.)

I will readily admit that I was concerned about Wolf's Law leading up to it's release.  The Big Roar was a great album, but it was largely living off of previously released tracks.  I was worried further when they released the first single from the album, "This Ladder Is Ours," before the album itself was released.  That one just doesn't do it for me.  I am also just so jaded at this point when it comes to the music industry that I think I was just waiting for the let down once I finally found a current band that had gotten me hooked.  Crisis averted.  Wolf's Law is spectacular.  "This Ladder Is Ours," turned out to be my least favorite moment on the record.  "The Turnaround," the last non-hidden track on the album, does not really hook me, either.  Every other song on the record is excellent.  A truly impressive sophomore effort for the Joy Formidable.

This one was released on black vinyl in the U.S. and Europe.  As there had been for the previous album, there was a deluxe edition box set released for Wolf's Law, but this one focused on the vinyl.  The box contains a bonus 12" with the title track on it (which is not listed on the album, but does appear as a hidden bonus track).  The b-side is etched with silhouettes of wolves.  The box also contains a few lithographs by the artist who did the cover art, as well as a hummingbird pin.  The box set is still available from Warner through the band's website as of this writing.  A "super deluxe" version was also made available in the U.S.  It was limited to 15 copies and came with a signed drum head used in the recording of the album.  The price tag on that one was kind of insane (I think it was $150), but they sold out very quickly anyway.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
533001-1 LP Black 20 Stable
7567-87617-9 LP Black 20 Stable
533001-1 LP + 12" Deluxe Box Set 50 Stable
Wolf's Law LP
Wolf's Law - Box Set Bonus 12"
Wolf's Law - Box Set Bonus 12"

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