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Sub Pop LPs: SP51 - SP100

Sub Pop LPs, Page 2. Some of the prices on this one are conjecture...some of the ones on the later part of this page are not my areas of expertise, so I am missing some images, and am guessing at a couple of the values. As always, if you have any missing images or information, please .

SP54 Thee Hypnotics

Live'r Than God

Sub Pop SP54 LP/Cassette / SP54b CD, released January 1990 (U.S.)

Situation Two SITUM 26 LP, released 1989 (UK)

Beggars Banquet SITUM 26 LP, released 1989 (Italy)

Situation Two 846 217-1 2xLP, released 1990 (Canada)

Live'r Than God was the debut LP from this UK band, originally released as a 12" EP on Situation Two in the UK and Beggars Banquet in Italy. The Sub Pop version had more tracks and came on both clear and black vinyl. In 1990, Situation Two released a Canadian version as a double 12" with extra tracks (but different ones than were on the Sub Pop edition).

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP54 Clear 20-25 3 Stable
SP54 Black 8-12 2 Stable
Situation Two SITUM 26 Black (UK) 3-5 1 Stable
Beggars Banquet SITUM 26 Black (Italy) 10-15 3 Stable
Situation Two 846 217-1 2x12" Black (Canada) 15-20 5 Stable

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SP56 The Walkabouts

Rag & Bone

Sub Pop SP56 LP, released February 1990 (U.S.)

Glitterhouse GR0085 LP, released 1990 (Germany)

According to Sub Pop, there were 57 (!) copies of this record on orange vinyl, and all others were on black. I have never seen an orange one, and do not believe it exists. The original pressing came with an insert and poster. As far as I can tell, the insert continued to be shipped with the later pressings as well. Also released on black vinyl on Glitterhouse in Germany.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP56 Black 5-8 1 Stable
Glitterhouse GR0085 Black (Germany) 4-6 1 Stable

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SP60 The Afghan Whigs


Up in It

Sub Pop SP60 LP / SP60b CD / SP60a Cassette, released 1990 (U.S.)

Glitterhouse GR0092 LP, released 1990 (Germany)

Sub Pop SP5/116 CD, released 1990 (Germany)

Sony SRCS 5867 CD, released 1990 (Japan)

Sub Pop SP60 LP/Cassette, released 2017 (U.S.)

This was the first Afghan Whigs album released on Sub Pop. There were two versions of the sleeve and several colors of vinyl to go along with each. The first pressing was of 1000 copies on orange vinyl. Accompanying these copies was the the first sleeve above, with the horizontal arm and orange print. These copies came with lyric sheet inserts. The orange first press is attracting more interest again, but the price has stayed pretty stable.

There were also black vinyl copies pressed with the original sleeve. Glitterhouse Records in Germany pressed it (GR0092) with this sleeve as well, also on black vinyl. The cd version was one of the earliest Sub Pop Europe releases (SP5/116).

Later pressings had the second version of the sleeve shown above, depicting a vertical arm with more shading and white lettering. This version was pressed on black, green, blue marble, and blue-green marble vinyl, and came with no inserts. All of the blue and green varieties are all fairly rare. The blue-green is less common than the green, and the blue marble is typically a really tough find. The craziest collectors (myself included) have locked up their blue and blue-green copies, so the prices have come down a bit, but the green ones have gone up in recent years. Now, all three of those versions seem to fall in the same range.

There were also a few copies out there on the 1st press black vinyl, but in 2nd press sleeves. These copies, unlike the rest of the 2nd run, did come with inserts: letter-sized Singles Club enrollment forms. The first time I saw one of these, I thought it was an anomaly, but I have since seen five or six copies that meet this description, which tells me otherwise.

2017 brought us some fabulous re-presses of Up In It. The U.S. "Loser Edition" variant was a deep blue marble (closer to the Nirvana Bleach blue marble than the previous Up In It variant). Although it is a distinct color, it is bound to cause some confusion. A black vinyl re-press was also released. There was a separate Loser Edition pressed in Europe. It had unique matrix codes and the color was different - this one was more of a solid blue.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP60 1st: Orange (1000) 45-80 6 Volatile
SP60 1st: Black 20-35 4 Stable
SP60 2nd Sleeve w/ 1st Black Vinyl 30-40 6 Stable
SP60 2nd: Green 60-70 7 Stable
SP60 2nd: Blue-Green Marble 60-70 8 Stable
SP60 2nd: Blue Marble 60-70 8 Stable
SP60 2nd: Black 30-60 6 Volatile
GR0092 Black 10-15 1 Down
SP60 Blue Marble 2017 Re-press (U.S.) 15-20 1 Stable
SP60 Black 2017 Re-press (U.S.) 12-15 1 Stable
SP60 Blue 2017 Re-press (Europe) 20-25 1 Stable
Test Pressing
1st Press Orange
1st Press Black
Blue Marble
Blue-green Marble
2nd Press Black
Blue Marble
Re-press (U.S.)
Black Re-press (U.S.)
Blue Re-press (Europe)
1st Press Insert
Early 2nd Press Insert
Test Pressing Black vinyl, plain white labels

Recent Sales Data - Orange Vinyl:

Year Sold Quantity Median Price ($) Platform
2019 5 70 Discogs, eBay
2018 12 62 Discogs, eBay
2017 11 99 Discogs, eBay

Recent Sales Data - Blue Vinyl 2nd Press:

Year Sold Quantity Median Price ($) Platform
2019 1 55 Discogs
2018 1 66 eBay
2017 3 68 Discogs, eBay

Recent Sales Data - Blue-Green Vinyl Second Press:

Year Sold Quantity Median Price ($) Platform
2018-19 0 N/A N/A
2017 3 71 Discogs, eBay

Recent Sales Data - Green Vinyl Second Press:

Year Sold Quantity Median Price ($) Platform
2019 0 N/A N/A
2018 1 65 Discogs
2017 1 75 Discogs

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SP61 Mark Lanegan

The Winding Sheet

Sub Pop SP61 LP / SP61b CD / SP61a Cassette, released May 1990 (U.S.)

Glitterhouse GR0095 LP / GRCD 95 CD, released 1990 (Germany)

Sony SRCS 6982 CD, released 1994 (Japan)

Sub Pop SP61 LP, released 2015/2016 (U.S.)

The Winding Sheet was Lanegan's first solo effort. It was a bit of a departure from his work with Screaming Trees to this point. This one has some fun guest appearances, including Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic. Can't imagine where Nirvana got the idea to do "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?"...the original Leadbelly version notwithstanding, of the cover versions I have heard, I prefer Lanegan's. His deep voice lends itself well to that song. Anyway, the red vinyl copies of this record generally sell for a lot. The first 1,000 copies were on red vinyl. The black one isn't the cheapest either, but it's more manageable. It was also released on Glitterhouse in Germany. That version is quite easy to find.

In 2015, Sub Pop re-pressed The Winding Sheet on 180g black vinyl as part of the Mark Lanegan One Way Street box set. Then, in 2016, they released in on its own (on standard weight vinyl).

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP61 Red (1,000) 90-120 3 Stable
SP61 Black 35-45 2 Stable
Glitterhouse GR0095 Black (Germany) 20-25 1 Stable
SP61 Black (2016 reissue) 12-15 1 Stable
Credits Matt Mona: Two red vinyl and insert images

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SP64 The Fluid


Sub Pop SP64 LP, released April 1990 (U.S.)

Glitterhouse GR0094 LP, released 1990


Sub Pop SP64b CD / SP64a Cassette, released 1990 (U.S.)

Sony SRCS 6574 CD, released 1992 (Japan)

Glue...the last Fluid release on either Glitterhouse or Sub Pop. It was later combined with Roadmouth (minus two tracks from Roadmouth) for a Sub Pop CD/cassette release. Glitterhouse copies of the Glue EP were all on black vinyl. The first Sub Pop pressing was on purple vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies. Later pressings were on mint green marble and black vinyl. The prices on all of the above have dropped way down. I have been told by a reliable source (i.e. in the band) that a grey version also exists, but I have never seen one. I have always wondered if he was confusing this with the grey Roadmouth. I will only know for sure if I find a grey Glue.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
GR0094 Black 3-5 1 Stable
SP64 Purple Marble 10-12 3 Stable
SP64 Mint Green Marble 6-10 4 Stable
SP64 Black 4-6 1 Stable
Glitterhouse Test Pressing
Sub Pop Test Pressing
SP64 Purple
SP64 Mint Green Marble
SP64 Black
Test Pressing Sub Pop: Black vinyl, plain white labels
Glitterhouse: Black vinyl, generic Pallas "Unverkaufliche Musterplatte" labels

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SP67 Dwarves

Blood, Guts, & Pussy

Sub Pop SP67 LP / SP67b CD / SP67a Cassette, released July 1990 (U.S.)

Glitterhouse GR0104 LP, released 1990 (Germany)

Sony SRCS 6576 CD, released 1992 (Japan)

Certainly one of the more memorable album covers of all time. This band has always reveled in its shock value and misogyny. Something keeps people coming back. This was probably their most collectable album. The first pressing was of 1,000 on red vinyl. That one can sell for a fair amount, but not nearly as much as the other color vinyl versions. There is a grey vinyl pressing of 112 copies. That pressing came with a copy of the She's Dead 7" on black vinyl (minus the sleeve). One would think the grey version would be the most valuable, but not so...there is also a pink marble version out there that is somehow rarer. The last time I saw it auctioned, it went for almost $600, and that was years ago. I don't know how many of the pink copies were pressed, but it can't be many. Later on, Sub Pop pressed 1,500 picture discs, using outtake pictures from the original cover photo shoot. These sell for a few bucks as well. There were then lots of black vinyl Sub Pop pressings. A German version came out on Glitterhouse, which was on black vinyl.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP67 Red 40-70 3 Volatile
SP67 Grey Marble 250-350 8 Up
SP67 Pink Marble 500-600 9 Up
SP67 Picture Disc 30-40 3 Stable
SP67 Black (no bar code) 20-30 2 Stable
Glitterhouse GR0104 Black (Germany) 12-15 1 Stable
SP67 Black (w/ bar code) 10-15 1 Stable

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SP79 L7

Smell the Magic

Sub Pop SP79 LP / SP79b CD / SP79a Cassette, released August 1990 (U.S.)

Sub Pop SP2/110 LP / SPCD 2/110 CD, released 1990 (Germany)

Waterfront DAMP 139 10", released 1990 (Australia)

Sony SRCS 5922 CD, released 1992 (Japan)

WEA Japan WPCR-10016 CD, released 1998 (Japan)

Solid debut EP from L7. The first pressing was on purple marble vinyl. The U.S. pressing also exists on black vinyl. The German one is black, too. Then, there are the Australian ones...there were a whole bunch of colors released there on Waterfront, all on 10" vinyl. Known colors: black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, yellow.

The pricing has been rather weird for this one. The purple vinyl dropped a ton over the years and was down in the $15-20 range for a long time. Then, it started climbing again (I am assuming this was due to the band reuniting). It is more expensive now than it ever was. The black vinyl one is up as well, but not by as much. The Australian ones are all somewhat scarce, but seem to be sitting in the $30-45 range.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP79 Purple Marble (1,000) 65-80 3 Up
SP79 Black 25-35 2 Up
SP2/110 Black (Germany) 15-20 1 Stable
DAMP 139 Black (Australia) 30-45 5 Stable
DAMP 139 Blue (Australia) 30-45 5 Stable
DAMP 139 Green (Australia) 30-45 4 Stable
DAMP 139 Orange (Australia) 30-45 5 Stable
DAMP 139 Pink (Australia) 30-45 5 Stable
DAMP 139 Red (Australia) 25-35 5 Stable
DAMP 139 Yellow (Australia) 35-50 5 Stable
Credits Tom: Black vinyl image

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SP82 Thee Headcoats

Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! It's Thee Headcoats, Already!

Sub Pop SP82 LP / SP82b CD / SP82a Cassette, released 1990 (U.S.)

Sub Pop SP6/119 LP / SPCD 6/119 CD, released 1990 (Germany)

Sony SRCS 6782 CD, released 1993 (Japan)

There are a few different versions of this album floating around. The color vinyl versions can sell for some healthy sums. The first 1,000 copies were on blue vinyl. The green marble is rarer, and the yellow marble version is crazy rare. Really tough to find. There is also a black version and a German pressing (also on black).

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP82 Blue (1,000) 30-40 3 Stable
SP82 Green Marble 30-45 5 Stable
SP82 Yellow Marble ? 9 Volatile
SP82 Black 15-20 2 Stable
SP6/119 Black (Germany) 25-35 2 Stable
Credits Matt Mona: Blue and blue-green marble images
Jason C.: black vinyl image

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SP89 Tad

8-Way Santa

Sub Pop SP89 LP / SP89b CD / SP89a Cassette, released February 1991 (U.S.)

Sub Pop SP8/122 / SPCD 8/122 CD, released 1991 (Germany)

Waterfront DAMP 153 LP, released 1991 (Australia)

Sub Pop SP1179 LP/CD, released 2016 (U.S.)

The original sleeve for this record was banned. The story is that the girl shown in the picture was born again or something, and didn't want to image published. It was eventually pulled, and the CD cover art was replaced, but it is still fairly easy to find on all formats with the retracted sleeve. Available on green and black vinyl in the U.S. The price of this one has gone way up recently.

There were also German and Australian pressings of 8-Way Santa. The German ones were on both black and yellow vinyl. The Australian ones, on Waterfront, appeared on red and white vinyl.

In 2016, Sub Pop re-pressed this one as a deluxe version (with the secondary artwork). The Loser Edition was on "Pepto pink with blue splatter" vinyl. The European one was on blue and red swirl vinyl. It was also released on black vinyl. True to form, Sub Pop put out a promo version of this record, which was the black vinyl version in a plain white sleeve, with a promotional label attached.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP89 Green 55-75 4 Volatile
SP89 Black 40-60 3 Stable
SP8/122 Yellow (Germany) 25-35 4 Stable
SP8/122 Black (Germany) 20-25 3 Stable
DAMP 153 Red (Australia) 30-45 5 Stable
DAMP 153 White (Australia) 30-50 6 Stable
SP1179 Pink w/ Blue Swirl 15-20 1 Stable
SP1179 Black 12-15 1 Stable
SP1179 Blue w/ Red Splatter (Europe) 18-22 2 Stable
SP89 Black (Promo) 8-12 5 Stable

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SP96 The Reverend Horton Heat

Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em

Sub Pop SP96 10"/LP / SP96B CD / SP96A Cassette, released November 1990 (U.S.)

Sub Pop SP25/177 LP / SPCD 25/177 CD, released 1990 (Germany)

Sub Pop SPCD 96 / 98787-0096-2, released 1991 (Europe)

Sony SRCS 5985 CD, released 1992 (Japan)

The Reverend's first Sub Pop album is a true classic. Annoyingly, this album has the same catalogue number as the Singles Club single that came out around the same time. The initial 10" pressing was on black & white swirled vinyl (Sub Pop called it "checkered"...checkered is not a concept that works very well when pressing vinyl). It also appeared on blue-grey vinyl (more of a blue than a blue-grey, to be honest) and white vinyl. Those are both somewhat scarce, but the white is really rare. There was also a black vinyl LP version (and another in Germany). All of the above are somewhat pricy, but the German LP isn't too bad. Apparently, someone bootlegged the U.S. LP...I just learned of this recently. It has different labels (they are green). I'm still trying to confirm that this one was unofficial. I'm not completely convinced.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP96 Black & White Swirl 10" 45-60 4 Stable
SP96 Blue/Blue-Grey 10" 40-50 5 Stable
SP96 White 10" ? 8 ?
SP96 Black 30-50 5 Stable
SP25/177 Black (Germany) 25-40 2 Stable
Credits Matt Mona: Blue-grey image
Jason C.: black and white vinyl image

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SP98 Beat Happening


Sub Pop SP98 LP / SP98b CD / SP98a Cassette, released March 1991 (U.S.)

Sub Pop SP11/143 LP / SPCD 11/143 CD, released 1991 (Germany)

K Records KLP 003 LP/CD, released 2000 (U.S.)

7 e.p. epcd020 CD, released 2004 (Japan)

K Records KLP 003 LP, released 2017 (U.S.)

I think this one was a co-release with K Records...the original pressings all say Sub Pop, but it was given an early K catalog number (KLP 003) for its K re-release years later. The Sub Pop release had three vinyl variants: dark grey marble, light blue marble, and black vinyl. It was also released in Germany (on black vinyl). The light blue one is by far the rarest of the bunch. I didn't know it existed until fairly recently.

In 2000, K Records re-released Dreamy on black vinyl. This one is readily available. In 2017, K found some more copies of the vinyl in their warehouse, and released those in plain white sleeves with color copies of the front and back artwork. There were only 32 of these.

Version Value ($) Scarcity Price Trending
SP98 Grey Marble 25-35 4 Stable
SP98 Light Blue Marble 30-40 7 Stable
SP98 Black 15-20 4 Stable
SP11/143 Black (Germany) 15-20 4 Stable
KLP 003 Black 15-20 2 Stable
Loose Insert

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