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SP93 Hole

Dicknail b/w Burnblack

Sub Pop SP93, released March 1991

This single was one of the ones that had many, many colors.  This one followed a similar pattern to that of the Sliver single (see SP 73 above).  First pressings: foldover paper sleeves with Singles Club forms attached.  The first 3500 were released on dark grey marble vinyl.  I am guessing, based on patterns of other pressings around this time, that there were either 3000 or 4000 black copies made at this time as well.

Subsequent pressings encompass the other various colors we have come to see on the market. These colors also probably represent more than one pressing. There was no point in wasting materials, so Sub Pop and Erika used all of the labels and sleeves that remained from the initial pressing. The labels were applied as the records were pressed, and they just switched over from the original labels to the Erika ones when they ran out. The original sleeves were then packaged with these newer pressings as they were received. It would then stand to reason that the blue-grey and the green marble ones were the first new colors pressed. They ran out of the original sleeves somewhere around this point. 

The pink marble ones followed, with new full cardboard sleeves, but with the first labels. All the rest of the colors followed suit, with both full sleeves and Erika labels: blue marble, turquoise, peach/brown, purple, hot pink marble and clear pink (an old Hole discography site claims that a clear green version also exists.  I am not certain about that one, and have never seen it).  Based on the different style of print on the Erika labels, the clear pink ones probably came at the very end. The all-caps label style we see with this one is the one they settled on for records that were pressed later. The other version (not in all caps) was used for several Sub Pop releases, roughly spanning SP113-SP141 (which would indicate, based on Sub Pop's discography, that these were pressed between 10/91 and 4/92).

This one is somewhat confusing, and I really have never focused on it over the years, but have recently begun to figure it out.  In the future, I will add information as I receive it.  The values vary greatly for this single, from color to color and even from one sale to the next for any given color.  The prices listed in this table are mostly guesses based on auction buyer behavior.  The grey marble one is the most common, and the market usually reflects this.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
First Pressings
SP93 Grey Marble (3500) 10-15 Down
SP93 Black 5 Down
Later Pressings
SP93 Green Marble (1st sleeve/1st label) 20-25 Down
SP93 Blue-Grey (1st sleeve/1st label) 15-20 Down
SP93 Pink Marble (2nd sleeve/1st label) 15-20 Down
SP93 Hot Pink Marble (2nd sleeve/2nd label) 40-50 Up
SP93 Blue Marble (2nd sleeve/2nd label) 15-20 Down
SP93 Turquoise (2nd sleeve/2nd label) 15-20 Down
SP93 Purple (2nd sleeve/2nd label) 20-25 Down
SP93 Brown (2nd sleeve/2nd label) 20-25 Down
SP93 Clear Pink (2nd sleeve/3rd label) 20-25 Down
Attached Insert
Sleeve 1st press - Paper foldover w/ insert attached;
2nd pressings - Full matte
Credits Christian: Brown vinyl image
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