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SP87 (The Freewheelin') Mark Arm

Masters of War b/w My Life With Rickets

Sub Pop SP87, released November 1990

Sub Pop SP9/130 (Germany)

There are several varieties of this single in existence.  It has shown up in a few different colors.  The standard ones are red, mint green marble, green with reddish marbling, dark purple, and black vinyl.  A couple of very rare versions have surfaced recently: an orange copy, a blue & red copy, and a marbled purple copy.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP87 Mint Green Marble 15-20
SP87 Green w/ Red Marble 15-20
SP87 Red 10-15
SP87 Purple 15-20
SP87 Purple w/ Brown Marbling 30-40
SP87 Orange 50-60
SP87 Blue & Red 50-60
SP87 Black 5-8
Attached Insert
Test Pressing
Sleeve Paper foldover w/ insert attached
Test Pressing Black vinyl, small hole, plain white labels
Credits STOUTR: Red/blue and orange vinyl images
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