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SP72 Rollins Band

I Know You b/w Earache My Eye

Sub Pop SP72, released July 1990

Sub Pop Singles Club #21

Limited to 4000 copies, 2000 on color vinyl (pink marble and red) and 2000 on black vinyl.  The red ones are by far the rarest.  I don't know precisely how many red copies were pressed, but I probably see one red for every 10-15 pink ones I come across.  There are also several variations of the pink version.  There is an in-between-colors version, which is a combination of the pink and black, which basically ends up basically being purple.  I consider it part of the pink set.  There are some normal pink ones that have bits of brown in them, and there are some darker pink marble copies.  I have included scans below.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP72 Pink Marble 10-12 Down
SP72 Black 6-8 Down
SP72 Red 25-35 Down
Attached Insert
Sleeve Paper foldover w/ insert attached
Credits STOUTR: Hot pink marble, pink marble w/ brown images
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