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SP68 Dinosaur Jr.

The Wagon b/w Better than Gone

Sub Pop SP68, released June 1990

Glitterhouse GR0097 (Germany)

This one is a collector's favorite.  Supposedly, there were 10,000 of these pressed on white vinyl and 200 on purple.  I believe most of this.  However, in addition to these two, there is a pink vinyl version, which is very rare, but seems to show up 4-5 times as often as the purple.  Look at the pictures to see the distinct differences between the purple and the pink.  They were scanned on the same scanner.  Bottom line...we don't really know the actual numbers.  We do know that pink and purple are both very rare.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP68 White (10,000) 8-10 Down
SP68 Pink 50-60 Stable
SP68 Purple (200) 100-125 Stable
Loose Insert
Test Pressing
Sleeve Full cardboard matte
Test Pressing Black vinyl, large hole, plain white labels
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