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SP67 Dwarves

Blood, Guts, & Pussy

Sub Pop SP67, released July 1990

Glitterhouse GR0104 (Germany)

Certainly one of the more memorable album covers of all time.  I don't know what it is about this band, but they keep people coming back.  This was probably their most collectable album.  The first pressing was of 1000 on red vinyl.  That one can sell for a fair amount, but not nearly as much as the other color vinyl versions.  There is a grey vinyl pressing of 112 copies.  That pressing came with a copy of the She's Dead 7" on black vinyl (minus the sleeve).  One would think the grey version would be the most valuable, but not so...there is also a pink marble version out there.  The last time it was auctioned, it went for over $350.  I don't know how many of the pink copies were pressed, but it can't be many.  Later on, Sub Pop pressed 1500 picture discs, using outtake pictures from the original cover photo shoot.  These sell for a few bucks as well.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP67 Red (1000) 50-60
SP67 Grey Marble (112) 150-200
SP67 Pink Marble 250-350
SP67 Picture Disc (1500) 40-50
SP67 Black (no bar code) 20-25
SP67 Black (w/ bar code) 10-12
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