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SP66 Babes in Toyland

House b/w Arriba

Sub Pop SP66, released May 1990

Sub Pop Singles Club #19

Limited to 3500 copies, 2000 on gold (yellow) vinyl, 1500 on black vinyl.  When I was selling my last big set of records, someone emailed me to tell me of a red vinyl version of this one.  He said that there were a few made, but they didn't play correctly, so they were scrapped.  He also said that there was a version of the sleeve with an alternate picture on it.  I am skeptical.  I have never seen of heard of either of these things before or since.  It is a rumor, though, so I am including it.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP66 Yellow (2000) 12-15 Down
SP66 Black (1500) 8-10 Down
Loose Insert
Sleeve Paper foldover
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