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SP53 Big Chief

Chrome Helmet b/w Blowout Kit

Sub Pop SP53, released March 1990

Sub Pop Singles Club #17

3000 copies pressed, 1500 on white vinyl and 1500 on black vinyl.  Okay, the insert situation is a little screwy with this record.  Many just came with the normal loose paper insert (see A below).  I found one that clearly had not been touched since its release.  It contained a catalogue that had insert A incorporated into it (see B below), along with a credit card survey printed on dot matrix paper (C).  Then...I heard from somebody who received two band photographs along with their copy.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP53 White (1500) 2-4 Down
SP53 Black (1500) 2-4 Down
Loose Insert
Insert B - Side 1
Insert B - Side 2
Insert C
Photo Insert
Sleeve Paper foldover
Credits Keith: Band photo insert image
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