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SP50 Dwarves

She's Dead b/w Fuckhead

Sub Pop SP50, released February 1990

Sub Pop Singles Club #16

Limited to 3000 copies, 1500 on white vinyl and 1500 on black vinyl.  There are solid and translucent black versions, but the translucent black is MUCH more common.  Supposedly, there was a second pressing of this one of about 50 on purple vinyl.  I have never seen one of these.  I am not convinced they exist.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP50 White (1500) 15-25 Down
SP50 Translucent Black 8-10 Down
SP50 Black 12-15 Down
Loose Insert
Sleeve Paper foldover
Rumors Purple vinyl version.  If anyone has one of these, please email me and send pics.
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