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SP27 Tad

God's Balls

Sub Pop SP27, released March 1989

Glitterhouse GR0051 (Germany)

Tad, you are a classy bastard.  This was Tad's first full-length.  The first 2000 copies came on black vinyl in gatefold sleeves.  500 of these came with a "Manzine."  No, really.  Look - there's a picture.  There were further black copies, along with some blue marble copies, released later in normal sleeves.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP27 Black (Gatefold w/ Poster & Manzine - 500) 35-50 Up
SP27 Black (Gatefold w/ Poster - 1500) 25-45 Up
SP27 Blue Marble 25-40 Up
SP27 Black (Normal Sleeve) 25-40 Up
Gatefold Sleeve
Credits Chaney: Manzine image
Matt: Black vinyl image

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