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SP19 Tad

Daisy b/w Ritual Device

Sub Pop SP19, released August 1988

Dear world: meet Tad.  This one was released with no picture sleeve.  964 copies were on clear vinyl (no idea where this number came from).  There are some black ones out there - probably 200, like the ones before it.  There are also some gold vinyl copies (Sub Pop says 70).  I have only seen this one a couple of times.

Version Approximate Value ($) Price Trending
SP19 Clear (964) 50-85 Volatile
SP19 Translucent Black (200) 100-125 Stable
SP19 Yellow (70) 125-150 Volatile
Test Pressing
Sleeve Plain white paper, some in clear PVC
Test Pressing Black vinyl, large hole, plain white labels

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