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SP170 Supersuckers

Hell City, Hell b/w Dead Homiez

Sub Pop SP170, released 1992

Sub Pop Europe SP93/265 - Dead Homiez 7" (Germany)

The Supersuckers' second Sub Pop single.  This one has a spectacular Ice Cube cover on it.  It's been out for over 15 years, and that track never gets old.  It showed up on yellow marble and pink vinyl. I came across another copy at one point that is more red than pink, and has some marbling in it.  I think this one falls into the pink category, but it is definitely distinct and very rare.  The two pictures below were scanned on the same scanner.  Just when we thought we were done...a black copy has surfaced.  I've been encountering versions of this record for over 15 years, and saw a black vinyl version for the first time in June of 2009.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP170 Yellow Marble 12-15
SP170 Pink 15-20
SP170 Reddish-Pink 30-40
SP170 Black 30-50
Sleeve Full glossy
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