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SP17 Soundgarden



Sub Pop SP17, released August 1988

Many of the releases of this era in Sub Pop's history can be described as legendary.  No difference here.  Later lumped in with Screaming Life for cassette and CD versions, this one is still a classic collectible.  It came in a die-cut sleeve, and was limited to 2000 copies, all on black vinyl.  It came in a die-cut sleeve that was black on the front with some black, difficult to read print on it.  It was re-pressed in 2013 and included with the deluxe edition of Screaming Life.  The Loser Edition of Fopp was on clear vinyl - it was also pressed on black.

Version Approximate value ($) Price Trending
SP17 Fopp - Black (2000) 25-35 Down
2013 Loser Edition Re-press

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