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SP148 Pain Teens

Death Row Eyes b/w The Smell

Sub Pop SP148, released May 1992

Sub Pop Singles Club #43

Limited to 3285, really.  Those numbers actually came from Sub Pop.  There were 1841 blue marble copies, 1234 on white vinyl, and a mere 210 on aqua colored vinyl.  The aqua is a green color (some are more green than others).  Some confuse the blue with the aqua.  When you see them side by side, it is very easy to tell the difference.  It seems that there is quite the color range for the blue copies, from dark blue marble to light powder blue.  The powder blue ones are clearly a subset of the 1841 blue marble copies, but exactly how many are on powder blue vinyl, we will never know.  It is pretty rare.

Version Approximate value ($)
SP148 Blue Marble (1841) 10
SP148 White (1234) 12-15
SP148 Aqua Marble (210) 25-30
SP148 Powder Blue Marble 25-30
Sleeve Full glossy
Credits Gregg Conover: pointed out the powder blue version
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